VW Polo transmission oil - bertj
Anyone know how I can find out what type of oil is used in the transmission of my year 2000 VW Polo 1.4 tdi?
a) Halfords info sheets say 'refer to manual'
b) The handbook doesn't give any info about transmission oil.
c) VW dealers won't tell me ".. transmission oil checks can only be carried out by an authorised dealer"!!!
d) I've searched the web for details but can't find any info.
e) The only thing I have been able to find out is that the oil type 'may' have changed from the year 2000 and is 'probably' not the same as earlier models.

Any help would be appreciated.
VW Polo transmission oil - stator
Try fedauto.co.uk for a transmission specalists they should know?
VW Polo transmission oil - Peter D
Goto VW Web site and ask them or ring them via the site phone numner ask for technical and ask them.

VW Polo transmission oil - grommitt
Volkswagen spec is Gear Oil PN VWG 05000 75W90 - Fully synthetic Hypoid, Mineral compatible

Castrol product ( may be available from Halfords ) is TAF-X

2.7 litres in the box

VW Polo transmission oil - grommitt
I have the same spec for models from 1999 - 01 and 2002 onwards

VW Polo transmission oil - bertj
Thanks very much for help. There's an enormous difference in price between semi-synthetic and synthetic - is synthetic essential or would semi-synthetic be false economy?

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