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I ordered a new Toyota over a month ago. At the time they told me they could get it in two weeks, but I said no that?s ok I?ll have it on the 1st Aug thanks. We agreed a delivery date.

Subsequently that sales guy has left the company. Sales manger rings me up on holiday to tell me this.

When I got back I rang up for reg number in order to sort insurance. After being called back I was told due to a mix up between them and the distribution people the car hadn?t been sent out.

Anyway today was rang by another sales guy at the same place. Given a reg number, told that ?we?ve put the car through our July sales figures? and that it must be registered in July. And I?d need to get an insurance certificate insuring the car over the last few days of July. Having rang the insurance company they quite reasonably want 10.50 a day for having 2 cars covered (I?d still have the part ex until the handover). Rang Toyota garage back and they said ?fine ok insure it for 9-00 am 1st August, give us the certificate and you can pick the car up on the 2nd as we need a day to tax the car?? Funnily enough I was expecting to give them insurance before the end of the month and theyd have it taxed then. All this of course is not ok by me as I then wouldn?t have current car insured the day before the handover.

Since my tax/mot are about to expire, and I running out of time to get an insurance certificate sorted, this is going to cost me lots of hassle.

Anyway I?m not at all happy. Toyota man is going to get his boss to ring me tomorrow.

I am upset and I?m thinking of just walking away and issuing a summons for the deposit back, they are in breach of verbal contract.

Should I really be getting all this hassle ?
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oh and they are still insisting that they are going to register it in the last few days of july, I didnt order a 2 day old car - I ordered a new one!
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buy the way does anyone know if its currently industry practise to ask purchasers to have 2 cars insured for a few days ? (i bought a car for my girlfriend a few months ago and we didnt have that hassle)...

Sounds ridiculous... For a dealer to do the tax disk in the new system (where he not the post office issues the tax disk?) does he need the car insuring for before the new owner plans to pick it up ?

sounds silly, and probably mr toyota is taking the mick
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Mr Toyota most certainly is taking the mick. I smell a cock-up.
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Some years ago a dealer called me to see if I would accept a car a day earlier, to get it into the previous months figures. A suitable price adjustment made it worthwhile for both of us. Go and haggle.

Mike Holland
Re: hassles buying a car - Mark
Hi Bri

seems you were clear about what you wanted and when you wanted it and that you told the dealer this.

The fact they have now done things or not done things to stop your reasonable requests which they agreed to from being met is now quite clearly their problem and it should not become yours.

Pushing the car through in July and asking you to accept it is scandalous but becuase someones commission rests on it will be a tricky one to get them to move on especially if the commission has already been paid to the guy who left.

dont let them stitch you up like this you deserve better service than this and in their heart of hearts they probably know this.

best of luck


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