BAR in Oz GP - Wally Zebon
I've just noticed that the two BAR cars have finished 3rd and 5th in the Friday Pre-Qualifying for this weekends Oz Grand Prix.

Full details...
1 - Barrichello - Ferrari - 1'26"372
2 - Raikkonen - McLaren - 1'26"551
3 - Villeneuve - BAR Honda - 1'26"832
4 - M.Schumacher - Ferrari - 1'27"103
5 - Button - BAR Honda - 1'27"159
6 - Coulthard - McLaren - 1'27"242

It's good to see another team challenge the big three.
The two Williams finished in a lowly 10th and 16th places! I know it's only the first few laps of a very long season, but I for one cannot wait. I'm sure this season will be much more exciting than last years procession.

Roll on Sunday morning!

BAR in Oz GP - Steve G
I agree Wally, a different team challenging the top teams will be good for F1. Its also good that there is British driver (Jenson) in a strong team.
There is question marks over Honda reliability so its really wait and see...
I thought the new friday qualifying format worked well. My only reservations is saturdays qualifying with race fuel. Your not really seeing a level playing field because of the differing fuel loads.
Like you said, roll on sunday.

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