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Great way to buy/fit tyres - Trilogy

When I bought my 2001 Focus estate it was fitted with summer tyres. In addition there were two wheels fitted with winter tyres. With knowlendge gleaned from this site that two winters don't go with two summers I bought two more winter tyres online, along with two more secondhand wheels from my local car dismantler. He fitted the tyres for a fiver each.

45,000 miles later, with winter approaching six tyres are now nearing the legal minimum it was decision time on what to do. As I'm planning to update the car in the not too distant future I took the decision to go with all season tyres. Four Vredestein Quatrac 3 were bought online for a total of £152, including delivery. My local tyre fitter wanted a total of £60 to fit all four tyres. A quick phone call revealed my local dismantler wanted £20 for the lot.

Now I have four new all season tyres fitted for the princely sum of £43 each. That's what I call a bargain!

Great way to buy/fit tyres - gordonbennet

Part of my car buying research is what tyre sizes are fitted and how much they'll cost to replace, can't undertand people who go out and buy a car without checking anything then moan when they find out rubber is more each than you paid for the lot fitted..and certain maintenance items pricey enough to make a grown man cry.

Well trousered Trilogy, those Quatracs kept two daughters out of trouble for a good while, good value too.


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