Gadgets - Mutterer
I seem to recall that the US Fuzz have an electronic gadget that can disable engine management systems from a distance. These are used to stop errant vehicles without running them off the road.

Anybody know any more?

Please can I have one.

Would it be legal to use on the baseball capped b*****ds who persist in passing my home at 70+ (yes it is a 30 Limit)
Gadgets - Martin Wall
Sounds as though you want a chat with your local council or councillor about traffic calming measures instead. Given that they like to have all the cash spent by the end of the financial year this may be a good time to do it also....
Gadgets - Mutterer
The road in question is about half mile long, dead straight and narrow. It is also downhill all the way.

A complaint was lodged with local council (Bexley) and police.

As a result of this a double wire thingy was set up right down the bottom of the road just where it swings to the right under the railway.

At this point you cannot be doing more that about 25ish if you want to live.

Response from the police after this exercise in futility was that it was all our imagination.

We did have a traffic calming measure recently when a swallow hole opened up & they had to close the road for several weeks.

Gadgets - Armitage Shanks{P}
I think that the device you mention is owned by the US Military and is called a nuclear weapon. It disables many things based on electronics by means of an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP). I doubt that the police have them and whatever device they might have isn't likely to be selective enough to stop one particular car and leave others unaffected (IMHO)
Gadgets - teabelly
If the UK police were to get them the baseball hat brigade could suddenly start marauding around housing estates in dolomite sprints ;-)
Gadgets - Pete
Not sure if its the one you are thinking about but the Americans did design a device, which was mounted on the front of a persuit
vehicle. This was a harpoon on wires, fired "Taser style" into the back of the vehicle. High voltage pulse was then transmitted into the bodywork to upset the electronics. Not sure if it was ever used in anger.

Alternatively, could this be something to do with directable microwave energy ?
Gadgets - Mark (RLBS)

Don't be a fool. Posting stupid and offensive stuff like that gets your registration removed and then you have to go to all the trouble of getting a new e-mail account just to get in here.

Gadgets - matt35 {P}

I don't know if it would work in your road - but in the 70s we had something that could kill (mainly the male population) without damage to cars or property.
It was called a 13% mortgage rate...

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