laguna - Andy22
sorry to start another thread up, just i think my other one had lost interest.

i'm after users views the the new laguna. now according to HJ the recalls in car by car breakdown cover the main problems with the laguna....the electrics of course!

is this the matter closed, or are owners still having serious problems and reliability issues?

i have an idea because on my way to work this morning i saw a car broken down where i've never seen one before........guess what, it was a brand new laguna!
laguna - bazza
Have a general look around at the on-line car surveys, readers reports etc.(Peachorlemon is a good one) As far as I can see, the new Laguna is plagued by electrical gremlins - it seems to be just too complex. It's a nice looking car but I wouldn't touch one! Why bother when there are so many other makes around with decent reliability records.
laguna - Andy22
i know its french again, but any owners of citroen C5's out there?
laguna - Morris Ox
Laguna? Nice looking car but utterly unremarkable. Doesn't do anything that a Mondeo/Passat etc doesn't already do. Just has the odd gimmick instead.

Nice, but just not nice enough.
laguna - Mondaywoe

Early ones had a few bugs, which were fixed under warranty. Some owners were tearing their hair out. Others, however think they are the bees knees - loads of car for silly money!

My one (early model)has been pretty good. The suspension was modified under warranty and I'm waiting for a 'notchy' gearchange to be attended to, but otherwise, that's 13,500 miles with no problems. The HDI diesels are pure magic. Get a 2.0 if you want stunning economy and a 2.2 if you want get up and go + (just)excellent economy!

Do have a right good test drive in one, though, because they are rather an odd drive at first - big, high cars with practically no roll on the corners (eery) Quite a firm ride too (surprisingly for a 'proper' Citroen) so slow driving on rutted roads is felt more than you might expect.

The latest ones, fresh off the line should be pretty well sorted motors now.

Go on, go on, go on........

laguna - JohnM{P}
I have a Dec 2002 1.9 Diesel Privilege Tourer, now at 37k miles;
problems have been:
required new clutch after slave cylinder leaked onto it,
repeated fuel injection fault, eventually cured after update to engine computer;
delivered with unspecified fault meassage on display - traced to faulty electronic steering lock.
the n/s/r tyre had to be replaced at 35k with its outer 1/4 bald
(front Continentals lasted 27k) - doesn't seem right to me.

Irritations are:
climate control doesn't seem to control the temperature, (Passat was set and forget), ('no fault found, sir')
rear seat belts are very slow to retract ('they are all like that'),
sound quality: poor bass - ('they are all like that'),
eventual Renault solution to continental beam realignment is a set of headlamp protectors upon which you stick the deflectors...,
fuel consumption is 5-6mpg heavier than my Passat 110bhp diesel over same journeys

No problems with key cards, other than the battery needs cleaning periodically.
No problem with radio reception - on the contrary, it is excellant, notably in the radio blackspots near the M4 Membury services. MW/LW is good, also.
tyre pressure monitors occasionally give error messages, which then reset themsleves (interestingly, this has happened almost totally on the A4 between Box and Corsham - underground MoD radio transmissions???)

Overall, not too bad, not too good...
laguna - Andy22
why is nothing ever easy.

how can manufacturers get away with selling cars that haven't been tested, or what is the reason for so many problems, they know they can get away with it i suspect!
laguna - JohnM{P}
I think it is still good advice to avoid new models until they have been in production for a year or so - this applies to most manufacturers! Finding a good main agent also helps!
The Laguna is a good, safe car (but expensive at 'list' prices).
laguna - Andy22
thats my question really, would a 01 plate with 20k be pretty much trouble free or still be a nightmare, and also i have seen no reports on the new megane yet?
laguna - FergusTheDog
Had a 1.9 diesel on extended test drive over a weekend about a year ago. Not much to like or dislike. Not particularly comfortable and fit and finish very iffy.


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