P.A.S.Problem - OAP

The vehicle is a Mk3 Golf 1.9D

When I backed off my drive today the PAS behaved as if I had not yet started the engine ie even worse than if there was no PAS at all!

After 50yds it settled down and behaved normally and has continued to do so at subsequent start-ups.

Is the system trying to tell me something?

Comments / advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

P.A.S.Problem - Dynamic Dave
Low on fluid, thus causing an air lock maybe?
P.A.S.Problem - Dizzy {P}
Quite likely to be belt slip, especially if the belt is a plain vee, not multi-vee.

The PAS puts quite a load on the belt when the steering is turned hard over, like when exiting a drive, so this is when the belt is most likely to slip. If the belt or pulleys are damp from overnight dew, the moisture will encourage slip and, at the same time, will subdue any belt squeal.
P.A.S.Problem - OAP

Thank-you both. The problem has not cropped up again but at least I shall know what is going on if it does.

P.A.S.Problem - Cyd
I would advise investigating and rectifying the problem BEFORE it occurs again.

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