V70 electrical hum - SjB {P}
Have tried and failed to find the answer elsewhere, so hope that fellow Backroomers can help, please.

I've recently collected my new V70 2.4T, and am delighted with it. What a great piece of kit!

I do have one question though, please, to which I can't find the answer in the handbook or elsewhere:

Last night, when I locked the car away in the garage, and with the keys OUT of the ignition switch, I sat for a minute just enjoying the moment.

During this time, with otherwise total silence, I became aware of a very slight electrical humming noise, like a small transformer or tape deck motor, so I put the key back in the ignition, switched on, ejected the four CDs to give the motor nothing to do, incase the CD player was the culprit, and switched everything back off.

The noise continued.

I eventually traced the source to be somewhere behind the climate control panel on the centre console, and if I place my thumb over the small square temperature sensor grille, thus trapping the noise 'in', it becomes almost silent. This makes me think that it is more lkely to be Climate Control System related than CD player related.

Knowing that the Climate Control System checks the amount of water in the vapour trap 50 minutes after switching off, and if necessary runs the fan to clear it, I checked again after the car had stood all night in the garage, incase the system needed 50 minutes to shut down, but the hum was still there.

Any ideas, please?

Many thanks.

V70 electrical hum - Martin Wall
It's a temperature sensor - there's a bit in the handbook about it. It turns itself on when you open the door I think.
V70 electrical hum - SjB {P}
Thanks Martin.
I'm happy now I know all is well.

Out of interest thought, I have just re-read my owner's manual from cover to cover to check I'm not blind, but there is no mention of the temperature sensor other than a warning not to cover it.

Cheers again.
V70 electrical hum - Martin Wall
Also - I seem to remember cleaning the inside of the car on a very hot day last year and the temperature sensor was whirring away and the fans came on inside the car to cool it down - even though I didn't have the keys in the ignition!
V70 electrical hum - Trilly
I am just thinking of getting a V70 2.4t and interested to know if its OK. Have read elsewhere build quality can be suspect at times perhaps not up to German standards.

Also keen to know where you finally purchased it from , local dealer, import or broker?

PS: Should add not made my mind up yet, looking at 2.4t awd and also XC70 but can't make up my mind then theres the T5, used for 23k all packs in the spec, how do you choose!
V70 electrical hum - Martin Wall
2 years - only prob was with locking system fixed by dealer.

I think the XC70 can be fussy about the tread depths on the tyres - seem to remember reading about someone in What Car? who had probs with one of these.
V70 electrical hum - SjB {P}

If you look at the thread I started called "S60 2.4T v V70 2.4T legroom and boot" ( link www.honestjohn.co.uk/forum/post/index.htm?f=2&t=92...0 ) in the discussion section, you will learn the whole story, chapter by chapter, from thinking about buying and asking questions, to prices, dealer comments, and actually collecting the car.

Okay, so a few days is early days, but I am a very happy Volvo customer.

BTW Martin, I have just dug out my May 2002 copy of What Car with the V70 tyre problem (page 58), and think it is what you mention. The car was a previous model (ie non P26) V70R with all wheel drive. The cause was that the owner replaced just ONE tyre, with the result that this wheel was turning at a slightly different speed to the others, all the time. The result was broken transmission, I guess because of the particular differential design. Hope this helps whoever.

Cheers for now,
V70 electrical hum - Trilly
SjB Many thanks for pointing me in the right diection. I did do a search the other day but missed you posting.

Well your thoughts have helped me. Down to the comments I already read from HJ I tried a 2.4t last Saturday and was very impressed and think will blow out test drive on used T5 as coming from Omega 3.0 reckon the low pressure turbo will be closer to what I am used to with low end pull.

One question having done a search have come across a couple of UK based special offers suggesting £4k approx of a UK based car did you investigate these at all?
V70 electrical hum - SjB {P}
Hi Trilly,

To answer your question, when I started looking:

1) I was looking at more than £6k saving, and paid my deposit
(ie 'locked myself in') before the Sterling slide started.
Little was I to know that this would fall to £4.5K'ish,
happy though I still am with this.

2) I couldn't find any Volvo dealers in the UK prepared to give
anything like the type of discount I was after.

3) My father also purchased one of the very first S80 models to
come in to the UK, also via Bluekens. They were, therefore,
a known entity to our family, and therefore carried a
perceived minimum risk compared to using other foreign
garages, or import agencies, as was borne out in practice.

Yes, get a 2.4T if you are coming from an Omega 3.0 and wish for
similar torque characteristics. My previous Vectra GSi Estate had the 2.5 V6, with camshafts from the MV6 Omega to liberate more ponies. This also gave it bundles and bundles of lovely, easy, torque, far more so than any other V6 I have driven before. Despite it's tall gearing (just under 2500 RPM in 5th), with torque peaking at 1750 RPM, and then having a flat plateau past 5000 RPM, the 2.4T pulls it with ease. My friend's T5 is completely different, and is much more 'all or nothing', with all meaning ALL!



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