Steering fault after new tyres fitted - Dave H
I had 4 new tyres fitted yesterday.

When I drove from the garage, the car veered to the left when braking. As soon as the brake was released, it drove straight again. It?s a bit like losing control on a patch of ice.

The steering wheel doesn?t pull at all.

The car drives straight on a flat road.

I?m going back to the tyre fitter later today, but not being mechanically minded, does anyone have any suggestions so that I don?t get fobbed off?



Steering fault after new tyres fitted - mal
It could be that you already had an existing steering or tracking fault which you might not have noticed due to the tyres being unevenly worn as a result. Now that you have the new tyres on they are accentuating the fault.
I'm not an expert but just seems a logical reason to me.
Others may have a better answer.
Steering fault after new tyres fitted - Keith S
Sounds like it might be a shock absorber, or the more usual suspects. Brakes, balljoints etc.
Steering fault after new tyres fitted - colin h
I am not an expert, but I would suggest that you check your brakes. If they check out ok, check tyre pressures. The only think I can think of after that is steering and suspension, but you say the steering tracks ok normally, so it is unlikely but not impossible.

Hope this gives you a few things to check.
Steering fault after new tyres fitted - jud
Also have the tracking checked always a must with new tyres.
Steering fault after new tyres fitted - Pete F
It could just be that the fitter put his greasy mits on one of the discs. Has it got any better with use? Swap the front wheels left to right and if it is the same, then likely to be a brake imbalance. If it swaps with the tyres, then check them. Are they the same? Are pressures equal? Is there a red dot on the outside sidewall of tyre?
Steering fault after new tyres fitted - Peter D
What tyres are they and are they assymetrics and one has been but on the wrong way round. Regards Peter
Steering fault after new tyres fitted - Mikey Jay
I don't know why it is that tyre fitters usually inflate new tyres to 30 psi all round. Why can't they put the right pressure in? Imho this can be very dangerous and cause serious handling problems, if this is not the correct pressure, which it probably isn't. Of course we know that many people never check anything on their cars and wouldn't know how to check tyre pressures which is pathetic (present company excepted of course), but it is vital to readjust the tyre pressures,if necessary after new tyres have been fitted. This may not solve your problem. Mike
Steering fault after new tyres fitted - mal
It can be surprising how much air can leak over a few weeks, even on brand new wheels.
Look at how many cars you see with soft tyres,they must only be checked when in for servicing.
Steering fault after new tyres fitted - mal
Possibly another thread with an inconclusive end to it? he did say he was going back that day.
I find it annoying when this happens.
Steering fault after new tyres fitted - Dave H
Give me chance folks!! Just got back in the office.

I went to the tyre dealer and he checked the tyre pressures (yes, all at 30psi, so that must be ok then!) and said that any fault was nothing to do with them. It must be a coincedence!!

I'm very disappointed as they are a small family run business (that's why I go there for all my tyres) and really didn't seem to care less.

Anyway, I'm off to my usual mechanic tonight to see if he can help.

Don't worry, Mal, I'll keep you posted once I have more news.

Steering fault after new tyres fitted - Stargazer {P}
Useful tip after letting ANY garage loose on tyres or wheels:

1. check all the pressures (for the reasons given above) and
2. slacken and retighten all the wheel nuts to the correct torque. (I want my wife to be able to remove a wheel if required)
3. check the jack and locking wheel nut keys are in the correct location (easy to get them mislaid)

Just returned from having 2 new tyres....handling was atrocious, all tyres at 30psi, fronts should have been at 32 and rears at 29, made a huge difference. Despite having the wheel nuts done up using a hand wrench they were all overtorqued compared to the spec. The locking wheelnut key was left rolling around the spare wheel well rather than in the toolbag....not what you want when trying to remove a wheel on a dark wet night.


Ian L.
Steering fault after new tyres fitted - Dave N
Ian L, can I ask how you know if the nuts were over tightened?
Steering fault after new tyres fitted - Dave H
Well problem sorted.

It turns out that one of the brake discs was badly worn and causing the symptom.

I have no idea why this became apparent only when new tyres fitted, but everything's fine now.

Thanks for everyones help!!!!!!!

Dave H


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