My car tyres have been flagged as perished by an MOT. Shouldn't they last much longer than 3 years?

A recent MOT stated all four tyres are advisory items as they've perished, yet my 2018 car has only 15,900 miles on the clock and just does two or three local trips each week. Surely tyres should last longer than 3 years?

Asked on 11 May 2021 by graham bailey

Answered by Dan Powell
Tyres can prematurely age if the vehicle is left outside and not used regularly. UV light is one of the key causes of premature tyre age, with direct sunlight causing the tyres to crack over a long period of time. If the cracking is serious (and has the potential to affect the stability of the tyre) then the car will fail the MoT.

A tyre should last longer than three years, but Ii might be worth looking at the date of the tyres' manufacturer (this will be on the sidewall) as some dealers have been known to fit older tyres to a car before selling it:
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