passat cd player - harvest
I've a 99 T VW Passat Saloon TDi SE. Love the car and want to add a cd player to the existing cassette/radio. Franchised dealer sales dept offered a 6 changer in the boot but cost of around £400 fitted too high. Also offered single slot CD at a more reasonable £200. Went to book it in when my service became due but service dept said the single slot player will not fit my model. When I queried it, the man checked with someone in the garage who confirmed it won't fit my model. I am looking for a second opinion from anyone out there. I have the climate control unit, the cassette/radio beneath it and what looks like a sizeable gap beneath the cassette/radio that looks wider and almost as deep as the cassette/radio. Can't see why a single slot CD player will not fit in this gap. Has my local VW garage got this right? My only other option is to replace the existing unit entirely with a CD radio but I am reluctant to do this as none of the models I have looked at fit flush and look nice.
passat cd player - Andy P
Try They have several CD multichangers for VWs, along with various adapter leads. Is the existing unit separate or an integral part of the dashboard?

passat cd player - Mark (RLBS)
I just had this.

The issue with mine was the mounting. Apparantly it is mounted in a special way in a Landcruiser, essentially supported from behind. If the player is not designed to have a tray, and doesn\'t have any rear-fixing, then it can\'t be mounted safely and securely maybe yours has the same type of issue.

However, I can\'t believe that NO cd player will fit, its probably just some of them.

I\'d recommend Oxford Car Audio since they managed to sort mine out, and their installation engineer is very good. Also, they were offering changers for £150 - £200 fitted
(no pound sign, sorry). I\'ve got one - nah nah nah nah nah. DD
passat cd player - chris2
Think the problem is the depth available on the lower slot.

Have you got the wiring for the boot changer already in place ? if so then try

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