HJ's film choice - NWS
At the risk of sounding like a Daily Mail writer calling for a film to be banned without having seen it, I can't help but feel uneasy about the review to be found at the right here about the car chase movie being breathlessly recommended for its high speed driving though Paris on roads not closed off for filming. I don't buy the argument that movies with guns lead directly to people going out to kill, but all this giddy talk about copies changing hands on the black market would be heady stuff for some bonehead looking to impress his mates.
Perhaps every copy should have that horrific TV ad that was discussed here a few days ago showing the aftermath of a high speed accident inserted in the middle of it.
HJ's film choice - Pugugly {P}
Have some agreement here. I was involved in some Post Court work for motoring offenders a year or so ago, one suggested way to make an impression on them was to drag them up to the morgue at the local Hospital after a fatal. This was rejected on the grounds that they might sue the project for Post Traumatic Stress......
HJ's film choice - BrianW
I always feel that it's a shame that the aftermath of accidents gets tidied up so quickly.

Usually all that's left is a pathetic bunch or two of wilting flowers.

There's nothing like going past a smashed up car or bent railings to remind one that these things can happen.

Maybe a small black cross at the side of the road where each victim died would be a good reminder.

On the other hand, in our multi-cultural, multiracial and politically correct society someone would object to crosses as having Christian overtones and there would be years of argument over exactly what shape was not going to offend someone!
HJ's film choice - Toad, of_Toad_Hall.
Although I can follow all the arguments against here I can't help but think I'm going to thoroughly enjoy "C'ETAIT UN RENDEZVOUS" in the same way as I enjoy extreme sports videos or free climbing footage.

It's the same sort of forbidden thrill as the French Phsyco who raced round the French equivalent of the M25 with a video camera strapped to his bike. This film was shown to me in th ewaiting room on my DAS course and was compelling viewing.

Allthe more so since the screen went blank at the end with a memorial to the bloke. Died on his bike of course.

Which perhaps *is* a worthwhile message to get across.
HJ's film choice - pugdriver
Well, I've ordered my copy and I can't wait for it to arrive - had an e-mail from the suppliers to apologise that delivery will be a bit delayed due to massive response....so there y'go!

Just because a film shows something illegal should it not be shown??? No-one would have seen Pulp Fiction, Trainspotting or a host of other movies. I consider myself grown-up enough to be able to watch this film without hindrance, and then be trusted to drive my car in the same manner as I did before - safely and with consideration, I hope.

I'd just like to thank HJ for letting us know about it, because I'd certainly never heard of this film, and I'm looking forward very much to seeing it!
HJ's film choice - 3500S
I personally can't wait myself either. I'm sick of the namby-pamby brigade telling me what is best not to mention the corruption of common law with regard to speed cameras, etc, etc.

I've placed my order as well having seen only an incredibly scratchy VHS copy many years ago.
HJ's film choice - volvod5_dude
While we were in France last year we drove along a road where there were lots of black human cardboard cut-outs on the grass verges. This road went on for about 30km. It turned out that these cut-outs signified the sites of fatal accidents. I have never seen this in France before. Makes you think.

HJ's film choice - Obsolete
As mentioned in a later thread (didn't see this one) today's Sat. Telegraph motoring section has a page devoted to the film.

I felt angry after reading the ST article. I also felt ill at ease after reading the article on this site. The impression I get (I have not seen the film and won't pay to do so) is that the film makers put other peoples lives at risk without their consent in order to further their incomes and reputations.

I do feel it is wrong to help these people profit from their actions.

I don't accept the justification that we often watch films with chase scenes in. Rape has been shown in film and on the stage so does this mean that a film of a real rape would be acceptable?

Hats off to the people publicising this film: they must be raking it in.

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