Outcome - Clear Spot
The final outcome of the accident that wrote off our Omega (see www.honestjohn.co.uk/forum/post/index.htm?v=i&t=10...5 ) is this:
1 ? We have now received the full financial recompense from the insurance companies. Companies in the plural, as I purchased Gap insurance the total money received equals the original purchase price of the Omega.
I strongly recommend Gap ? it cost £250 and gives effective new for old cover for 3 years.
(there are different types of gap, some only cover against negative equity).
2 ? We are now the proud and happy owner of a one year old Volvo V70 D5 Auto ? looking forward to a long and happy relationship. HJ?s recommendation and the backroom archive were strong factors influencing the decision to buy this car. First impressions are much better quality than the Omega (to be expected at the price), more comfortable, very economical (36 mpg so far) ,but not such a ?driver?s? car.
Outcome - smokie
Dead link CS...
Outcome - Dan J
Bracket issue - sorted, try www.honestjohn.co.uk/forum/post/index.htm?v=i&t=10...5

Hope you have an accident free time with the Volvo, Clear Spot.

Interesting your Gap insurance was so low - I was offered that by my finance company on my Vectra, when I bought it - but it added well over a grand to the cost. I figured should I write the thing off it'd actually be cheaper taking out a loan for the difference.
Outcome - Baskerville
The value of gap cover depends very much on your finance deal. With a new car many insurance companies offer "new for old" in the first year anyway in the case of a write off with standard fully comp. Then if you put down a big enough deposit and pay off enough of the capital each month...well, do the sums. Gap cover is actually less good value in times of low interest rates (i.e. now) than it is when interest rates are high. My point is it doesn't do just to take it out regardless. It sounds like ClearSpot did the right thing.


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