Vauxhall vectra cdti 2008 - Vectra cam sensor - Dvad

This is quite a long story so please bear with me.

I was driving along the motorway and my car overheated. I pulled off at the next exit and called the recovery. They came out and diagnosed the water pump, towed me back to my local garage. They said they could do this and the timing belt fine. Once they had had it apart they said timing belt water pump and a pulley. They could do this for £400, ok let’s do it, it needs doing.

Once it was done they called me up and said it was done but the engine management light was on. I was not best pleased about this as it wasn’t on when I last started it (It did start once cooled down to move off the tow). So I informed them that it must be something they have done, after some debate they agreed to look at it. They called me up some time later to say to just needed resetting. I thought ok fair one but surely they should have known this?

So two weeks later, engine management light comes on again. I look to my handbook and it states that this could be water in the fuel filter so as it is still working ok a left it and thought I would sort it out when I got time. Two days later car won’t start. I called recovery again thinking he would clear out the fuel filter for me. He takes a lok and agrees it could be this as the machine he put on the car could not detect anything. Anyway the car then started so I agreed that I would take it into the kwik fit and get the fuel filter done.

I take it to kwik fit and his machine got the output – Camshaft position sensor outside specified range. I informed him that I had had the timing belt replaced 2 weeks ago, he said take it back they have messed it up.

So took it back to local garage, unsure as to what they did but they stated it was the sensor that was broke and it would be £60 and 3 hours labour. I was not happy about this they were adamant that it was nothing they had done. I then told them to do nothing and I will come pick it up and get a second opinion. So I walk to the garage and when I get there find that my bonnet is up and they are just putting it all back together. I told them that I asked them not to do anything to which they replied we were checking it and taking photos to make sure they had got it right. I was very suspicious of this.

So next thing they put it all back together and it won’t start. I think they were even going to say to me there you go! But before they could get this out I said it started before I brought it in and now you have had it in bits and it won’t start. They then had another look. Seemed to be that the cable to the sensor was at fault as it started after they had messed about with this.

So now I have a car with the engine management light on for a timing sensor fault that was not there before all this started and no recall for the cowboys at the garage. Any pointers anyone?

Vauxhall vectra cdti 2008 - Vectra cam sensor - old-school-tech

They have clearly damaged the sensor when they have replaced your water pump and cambelt. It's as plain as day.

They have either damaged the sensor head itself or the wiring/plug when they removed it, Don't take no for an answer.

They must put it right, I would also argue the case that when they renew it (if you manage to get that far) that you insist they use genuine parts since it was a genuine part they damaged (I assume)

Give them one more chance to put it right (ask for proof that they have used genuine parts) or tell them you will take them to the small claims court.

If the garage is worth its salt they might concede.

good luck.

Vauxhall vectra cdti 2008 - Vectra cam sensor - Dvad

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I have decided that I am just going to bite the bullet and get rid of the car. I was thinking of replacing it anyway so its not as bad as that. Only getting £600 trade in though...anyone want it for £700?


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