volvo v40 1.8t 2002 - k.baker
I have owned this car since new...multiple problems...electrics /lights/brakes etc. Latest problem...the TURBO is leaking oil. Luckily I have warranty up to 60,000 miles but HAVE to get rid of it before then as cannot afford the repairs! I will NEVER buy another Volvo.

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volvo v40 1.8t 2002 - KW

Is it a T4?

I had a volvo 850 for over 4 years, cost only routine servicing, a battery (rac man told me he'd been to 3 other 850 in the past few weeks - must have a built in battery life expectancy!), one headlight bulb and four tyres. Let me down once - hence new battery otherwise excellent!
I guess you have a lemon, but then there always has been questions over v40/s40 build quality.
volvo v40 1.8t 2002 - Stargazer {P}
1.8T ?

Didnt know they made a 1.8T, is it a 2.0T or T4, the 1.8 engine is available as a straight 1.8 or a 1.8i


Ian L.

volvo v40 1.8t 2002 - volvod5_dude
V40s aren't proper Volvos IMHO.
volvo v40 1.8t 2002 - Steve S

"V40s aren't proper Volvos IMHO."

I agree, the S60, V/C70 are different class.

But I had a T4 Saloon which was good fun and did 70k miles in 2 years without a hitch. So luck still seems to play a part. The two V40 2.0Ts that we have on fleet are also OK. This guy has got a "Friday" by the sound of it.

Sadly, all our Alphas were "Fridays" and quite a few VWs too!
volvo v40 1.8t 2002 - Hairy Hat Man
Sounds like Friday car to me.

I had a '98 V40 1.8i for 3 years and 55,000 miles from new. Never missed a beat and not one single thing went wrong with it.
volvo v40 1.8t 2002 - volvod5_dude

I usually get an S40 or a V40 as a courtesy car while my proper Volvo (V70 D5 SE) is being serviced. I must say I don't like the 40 range much and agree they are in a different class to the bigger Volvos. I would suggest k.baker tries a V70 and S80 or a S60 and then he will know what a proper Volvo is like to drive.


volvo v40 1.8t 2002 - jonv
I have owned my V40 T4 SE Since new (98S), never missed a beat 65k later still does 120mph+ Loath to get rid of it but trading it in for a XC90 in September.


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