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I have been getting a slight grinding sounds from OSF wheel area when turning right on smaller roundabouts and tighter junctions.

This morning there was quite strange noise from the OSF brake when using a slightly heavy braking to a junction. Possibly a grinding sounds.

Then in the afternoon I was cruising on the motorway when I had a droning sound from the same side. This only happened above 60mph. There was no judder on the steering wheel.

The discs are quite lipped and the pads were noted as low-ish on the MoT in March. Mileage is 74k

Could it be that both discs and pads are to blame?

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Vauxhall Insignia Sport Tourer 2010 - Brake Discs / Pads - Railroad.
Sounds like the pad friction material has worn right down at one point, and the metal backing is now touching the disc. New pads and discs are probably required.
Vauxhall Insignia Sport Tourer 2010 - Brake Discs / Pads - Deryck Tintagel

I was wondering that. It appears the pads no longer have a wear warning message on the dash.

Vauxhall Insignia Sport Tourer 2010 - Brake Discs / Pads - RobJP

You had a low brake pad warning in March though. It was given to you (I assume as an advisory) in the MOT

Vauxhall Insignia Sport Tourer 2010 - Brake Discs / Pads - Deryck Tintagel

I don't think it was actually an advisory, just a comment that the pads could need changing in about 6k but that it would depend on my driving style. The last car had done 112k before I changed the front pads, but the rear pads and all discs were the originals.

That's not a problem to change them. I was just curious to know if the droning sound could be down to the brake pads. I half expected a dash message as I had this on the old Vectra.

Vauxhall Insignia Sport Tourer 2010 - Brake Discs / Pads - RT

The droning is the "audible brake pad wear indicators" - it's like a tuning fork attached to one pad each side that drones when it touches the disk.

Vauxhall Insignia Sport Tourer 2010 - Brake Discs / Pads - gordonbennet

Not a criticism, but any such odd sounds from the wheel area of any of my cars sees the wheels removed immediately for inspection, or as soon as i get home depending on severity.

Longevity of brake linings is an intersting one and i'm inpressed at the figures quoted, i don't allow any of our cars to get anywhere near the wear indicators, the annual strip/clean/lube often shows up minor cracking of the pads or other signs of ageing and they don't go back in, so my brake friction materials never reach the heady mileages being spoken of here, but then i don't really use engine braking as all our cars are torque converter autos so brakes get necessary higher use, well thats my excuse.

Have removed brakes (from other's cars and those i've bought with FSH) in my time that are cracking up and in extreme cases have literally crumbled apart when removed, in some cases the friction material no longer attached to the backing plate at all yet intact, unvented brake discs worn down to wafer thickness (wish i'd kept those for posterity) the pads having worn away possibly years previously, it's for reasons like this that i have a big issue with the current excuse for modern servicing where a technician might peer through or from behind a wheel at the brakes, then squirt brake cleaner in their general direction and pronounce all is well.

Purely out of interest, my lorry which i drive (approx 60% of its use) with the intention of using the brakes as little as possible (using the exhauster and appropriate gears to slow, as lorry drivers were taught when common sense ruled...tractor unit has three axles, steer and drive axle pads replaced, from memory so don't quote me, @ 300 and 250k kms respectively, the mid lift tag axle still have 60% pad life @ 370k and its 2.5 years old, was hoping they might make the full 5 years and still be originals when it goes back when the lease is up.

Vauxhall Insignia Sport Tourer 2010 - Brake Discs / Pads - bucca

just changed my front pads myself on insignia after 50k miles, dead easy job, watch on you tube if your not sure, £28 for pads from my local car spares shop, discs cant be much more than that each either.

Vauxhall Insignia Sport Tourer 2010 - Brake Discs / Pads - Deryck Tintagel

Trade price on the parts comes to £108, but I am not 100% confident with brakes so it is booked in with Vauxhall to get the job done for not too much more.


I wasn't ignoring the warning and I have heard the noise from the front end so I knew that the brakes needed attention. I had actually had a price for a change of pads or pads and discs from my usual garage on the day before, but it was the droning sound that was the concern as it occured at speed and without the brakes applied.

Vaxuhall confirmed that the Insignia does not have pad wear warinings on the dash. Previous experience of this was that the warning appeared well in advance of dire need to change.


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