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I have written to HJ on this subject before. Having recently resigned as a magistrate after over 12 years at a predominately "motoring court" (I resigned for various reasons) I am shocked by the number of "no insurances" that come through court, and bear in mind these are only people that have been caught!!!

I am also shocked by the sentences handed out by some of my magistrate colleagues - admittedly with hands tied by legislation. The low wage/benefit supported non insured driver will always win, attracting a fine of around £200, not bad if you are not caught for 8 years!!

With the hike in premiums more drivers will take a chance.........my 21 daughter will need £800 to insure her first battered VW Polo - much much more that the car is worth!

Let me finish by qouting a sentence handed out this week to a young NI driver in my local town.

Unemployed driver, 23 years old pleaded guilty to 20, yes 20 offences of driving without insurance - banned from driving for 2 years as a longer sentence would inhibit this driver from "getting back on his feet"

Or maybe I was a bit harsh in my sentencing when I was sitting.......

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Dear Mick,

The 'Sunday Times' carries a story today about huge reductions in insurance for yourn drivers who are prepared to accept a curfew on their driving between 10.00pm and 6.00am, the times between most serious accidents involving younger drivers occurs. This seems like refreshing new thinking to me because it will should make insurance affordable for younger drivers.

RE: Driving - No Insurance - Mick Matthews
Thanks for that - what an excellent idea!

RE: Driving - No Insurance - Stephen
Yes, the article can be found online at:

.. just copy and paste this url in your browser

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