Merc Vito advice - anthony
I am considering buying a Mercedes Vito 113, 2 litre petrol, camper van (professional conversion), air-con, leather seats, S plate, 47k miles for £17000. I have read some horror stopries about the Vito. It looks fantastic. Anyone know if this is a good a price? And is it thirsty?

Thank you.
Merc Vito advice - volvoman
Hi Anthony - have you read HJ's comments on the Vito in the Car by Car Breakdown ? They might explain the price.
Merc Vito advice - Vansboy
Always a bit wary of campers!
How long was it a van/bus before it became a camper?
Not seen many conversions on this vehicle, but would have thought it was a bit on the small side. Plus if it's had a new camper body, hate to think what your fuel consumption would be!
If you're looking for value for money on a camper, check out a Fiat chassis with the BIG 2.4 diesel engine.
Bet there's plenty of other sites dedicated to campers, with milliooooooons of suggestions!!
Happy holidays
Merc Vito advice - DavidHM
I'm deeply unconvinced about the point of these vans, but £17k is not £10k over the money.

I agree it would make much more sense with a torquey 125 bhp CDi engine than the 2 litre from the E Class, but there is a strong market for people who like to bolt a small cottage in Devon to a builders' runabout.

Mercedes even do a factory conversion of the Vito - God knows what that costs though.
Merc Vito advice - mark999
As a very disapointed V-Class(diesel) owner I cannot reccomend it.
The vito/V-Class is excellent to drive and in diesel form very
economical. Reliabiliy however is horrendous In 3 years and less than 20k miles I have had problems with:-

Air suspension pump (replaced twice)
Buckled wheels
central locking
suspension links
ECU fault codes
Faulty trim

Try a Toyota or VW based camper instead.


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