Any Transit experts out there? - MB
Going to see a transit minibus 2.0 petrol A reg 1985 in the morning - is there anything I should look for aprt from the usual.It passed its MOT in Dec and has four months tax.
I'm trying to buy it for £200 (advertised for £500)to deliver a load of stuff to SW France where, after its last grand journey, I will scrap it.

Will I be able to insure it having ripped out the seats?

Any thoughts gratefully recived.
Any Transit experts out there? - Vansboy
If you tell the insurance company it's a bus, they will want £££££££££££££ or not offer ANY cover.
If you take the seats out, you will have 'adapted the vehicle' & probably say the same thing!
Do you have cover on another vehicle, that may allow you to drive the bus, also?
Cheapest cover, probably, 1 month, or so only, after explaining what you intend to do.
Any Transit experts out there? - MB
Good point - I was planning to get a quote before handing over the dosh.
Anyone else know about the Ford 2.0 petrol engine - has it got longevity on its side?
Any Transit experts out there? - jc
Should be the low compression version of the OHC cortina engine;should go on for a long time if it's quiet now.If there's a loud noise from the camshaft area avoid,but my Cortina was still going after 130,000 miles without the cam ever being touched.Rest of the engine is simple but probably worth changing the cambelt-easy job on this motor and the valves won't hit the pistons if it breaks anyway.
Any Transit experts out there? - John S

Are you sure about that? I'm sure many years ago a friend had a cambelt fail on a Cortina OHC (Pinto) engine, and it damaged the valves.


John S
Any Transit experts out there? - 547HEW
Valve/piston interference on 1.6 litre OHC engine. 2.0 is clear.

The engine is very durable.

On the subject of what to look for, I would check the front cross member for tin moth, even though it was MoT'd in December. Located behind the front bumper, and under the rad., tthis tends to rot away without being easily visible.
Any Transit experts out there? - mal
If it's been going since 1985 and presumably is still going then surely it should get you to southern France where it will be scrapped.
Any Transit experts out there? - MB
Thanks to all who posted. The first one was right - no company will insure it even on a third party only basis. Barmey but there you are...
It drove really well, as well


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