Fiesta Accelerator & Exhaust Problems - evanesce
my '94 fiesta is starting to give me a lot of grief.
it keeps revving excessively when im totally away from the accelerator. almost as though i'm flooring it. someone suggested i might try cleaning the accelerator cable but i can't find it. is this likely to be the cause of the problem and does anyone know where it is??? any other suggestions causing the problem???
also, theres a rather irratating noise coming from what appears to be the exhaust or at least something central under the car. when stationary with no acceleration theres a huge whiring sound, almost like a grinding, that only stops when you accelerate. then when you push it up to 62mph and put it in reverse it makes a sound like the exhaust is trying to spit but also sounds like its dragging across the floor, which it isn't i have checked that.
please help!!!!
Fiesta Accelerator & Exhaust Problems - evanesce
just been reading some stuff. could it be an air leak causing misfiring??? thats kinda what it sounds like at 62mph. that would explain alot has the exhaust came away from the front pipe about 2 months ago.

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