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Are auction prices published anywhere ?

What would you expect to pay for 02/02 Ford Focus Zetec 1.6 5 door with 2,000 miles on the clock ?

would a 3 door be much cheaper ?

Are auction prices much less than places like motorpoint ?
auction prices - DavidHM
Why particularly 2,000 miles? That's particularly low for a car at auction; most 2k milers will be at franchise dealers and will be ex-demos, never seeing an auction.

If you did manage to find one, I doubt they'd be more than a few hundred cheaper at auction than at a supersite, because places like that make their money out of finance, trading p/xes (where they can), warranties, extras (like stereo upgrades and alloy wheels to boy racers) and sheer volume.
auction prices - looking4car
I saw one at the local auction, it is a finance company job, repossesion maybe ?

I was thinking of getting a zetec 1.6 3dr , 5k ish miles, for 7799 from motorpoint.

thing is the auction is on doorstep and motorpoint about 150 mile away.

I'd prefer 3dr (even at same price) but would pay 7799 for the 5 dooor locally just to avoid the hassle.

I certainly wouldn't pay a premium for the 5 door, but if auction discount is equivalent to extra price for 2 more doors, I'll buy locally ...... make sense ? ;-)

I think you are right about the supersites and warranties, they more or less said 'why would you buy without extended warranty ?' when I enquired.

Are there any websites publishing auction prices ?
auction prices - Steve G
Here are some prices:

-FORD FOCUS 1.6 ZETEC Hatchback, 3 Doors, Manual Transmission, Petrol. 02
£7342 10K

-FORD FOCUS 1.6 ZETEC Hatchback, 5 Doors, Manual Transmission, Petrol. 02

£7874 11k
£7766 14k
£7506 20k

Looks like Motorpoint are fairly competitive.
Obviously things like colour/extras will adjust prices accordingly.

auction prices - looking4car
Thanks for that.

Looks like there is a significant premium for the extra 2 doors.

It costs 500 more new, most of it still seems to be there.

Motorpoint do seem competitive, let's see if they'll sell without extended warranty and extras ;-)
auction prices - DavidHM
Yes, it's probably a repo, although at that mileage it wouldn't put me off. It would three years into a 5 year agreement, when someone whose credit rating is hosed anyway typically stops paying not because they can't afford the car but because it's a POS that's not worth fixing.

It might put some others off, so it's worth a punt, and although I don't know much about Motorpoint as someone to deal with, I'm sure they *would* sell without the extras. Just don't be surprised if they start bringing up all kinds of things that you could buy, and that a surprisingly large number of people will be happy to add on.
auction prices - Steve G
99% sure these will be ex-rental (not repo's)
Hertz,Avis e.t.c
They normally work to mileage or age limits then dispose of them.
With the plate change at the end of the month these values may drop a bit more (depending on new car sales/pre-registrations). Might worth hanging on one month if you can.
Just another thought...
Some rental companies now offer thier cars direct to public try a few rental company websites to see what they offer.

auction prices - looking4car
Good call ... Herz say

What vehicles are on offer?

Hertz Car Sales has hundreds of vehicles to choose from. Current range shown below. Please note:

all cars come with metallic paint
all vehicles are given a full valet and 12,000 mile service
trade discounts are available for volume purchasers
we do not currently accept part-exchange or arrange finance
stock and prices shown correct as at 17-Jan-2003
stock constantly changing - details below are subject to change

Ford Fiesta 1.4 Zetec 5dr s/r, 02 reg £7,800
Ford Focus 1.6LX 5dr s/r a/c, 02 reg £8,200
Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec 5dr a/c, 02 reg £8,400
Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec Auto 5dr a/c, 02 reg £9,000
Ford Mondeo 1.8 Zetec Estate 5dr, 02 reg £10,200
Ford Galaxy 2.3 Zetec auto a/c, 02 reg £13,200
Mazda 323 1.6GXi 5dr a/c alloys, 02 reg £7,500
Mazda MX-5 1.8i alloys, 02 reg £11,750

That is 8400 for a 1.6 zetec 5 door, 600 more than motorpoint 3 door.

auction prices - Andrew-T
L4c - in the examples I have compared, two extra doors on a new car are worth about £400-500.
auction prices - Steve G
Does the Motorpoint car have a/c ?
I'm not really up on Focus specs but dont they have 'Climate packs' and other optional packs ?
i.e are you comparing like for like ?

auction prices - looking4car
The motorpoint used focus zetec 1.6 do not have air con, at least the 7799 ones don't

The new ones which are imports do
auction prices - looking4car
I take your point Steve.

The 600 notes at Hertz gives me air con and 2 extra doors.

Given they are both 500 quid each new it seems reasonable to assume 300 quid premium for the extra 2 doors.

So, if auction prices are 300 less than supersite I should get the 5dr at auction for same as 3dr at supersite.

If auction prices are the same as supersite, I don't want to pay premium for the 5 doors.

As I said I don't really want 5dr , but would pay the same price if I didn't have to travel.
auction prices - looking4car
went along to the auction today but came away empty handed.

There were 3 Focus I was interested in. They all came from Motorbility Finance Limited and all appearwed to be in great condition, very genuine cars.

Y reg 08/2001 1.6 Zetec 5dr, Metalic Blue, 6151 miles (warrented)
Top bid was 7050 but not sure if that was accepted or conditional. I'd have paid that and a little more but there was no V5 document.

52 reg 09/2002 1.6 Zetec 5dr, Metalic Green, 1559 miles (warrented)
Sold for 8250, leaving my bid of 8000 well behind

02 reg 06/2002 1.6 LX 5dr Metalic Green a/c , 1233 miles (warrented)
Sold for 8350, i dropped out at 8200
auction prices - mal
To come away empty handed is a good result in a way,because it proves you are following the golden rule of auctions.
That is to have maximum figure for what you are bidding and stick to it.
Better luck next time.
auction prices - Ben {P}
Were you at BCA Newcastle by any chance?

auction prices - Vansboy
If you want LOW, LOW miles that have been covered at minimal speeds, too......How about an ex rental Channel Island car?
3-6months old, mostly sub 2000 miles, £4-500 more than your Motability prices.
Focus 1.6Zetec 5dr, climate £8900 52plate
Focus 1.6LX 5dr, £8150 02plate
auction prices - looking4car
might be great deals, but not my kind of website.

why should i register just to browse ... forget it

My best ever buy was an ex Guernsey rental car though.

Bought a 6 month old Fiat Uno 45, 3000 miles mint, for 3300, list price 5000 in 1990. Ran it myself for about 3 years and stayed in family till about a year ago.

12 years trouble free motoring, a couple of batteries and a new clutch in 12 years.
auction prices - JamesH
Fleet News magazine regularly publish auction prices. As that is a bit of a specialist magazine, they also have a website where a selection of auction prices are listed by manufacturer.

If there is an auction near you it may be worth just going along one day to see how it works and to get an idea of prices and availability. There are quite a few tips in HJs How to Buy & Sell Cars section.


auction prices - looking4car
ok, got one today.

Focus 1.6 Zetec, 5 door, 09/2001 51 plate, 19000 miles

metallic blue, looks like new to my untrained eye.
Has the old style of lights.

One owner : Arriva PLC

Service at 12,000 18/02/2001

12,000 in first 4 month and 7,000 since then , the declarations box on V5 was signed dated 09/02. Wonder if it has been parked up since then ?

Paid 7400 plus 181 auction fees.

About 200 more than i would have liked, but need to get back on the road.

have I paid a sensible price ?

what cars do 12,000 in first 4 months ?
auction prices - looking4car
oh, it seems to have climate pack and 6x15 alloy 12 spk.

this wasn't mentioned in sales particulars (climate that is), but is in documentation here. have to collect car later today
auction prices - eMBe {P}
something looks fishy about the mileage
12000 miles in 4 months to Feb 2001, and then only
7000 miles in the next 24 months?

Why dont you phone Arriva and ask about the car history.

It could be that the first 12,000 miles were done by an employee who has to travel to Arriva outposts, covering about 200 miles a day. (12 weeks x 5 days x 200 miles = 12,000 miles ).
auction prices - looking4car
i suspect it may have been sat on a forecourt somewhere for the last 6 months, didn't sell , so shipped off to the auction.

auction prices - looking4car
oh, I see my mistake which has misled you.

The car is less than 18 months old.

the 12000 service was on 18/01/2002 NOT 18/02/2001 as I stated.

that is 7,000 in the next 13 months, which i don't consider a problem.
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In one of my previous incarnations (after working in the motor trade but before now) I worked for CU, now part of Arriva. They had a policy of not terminating leases early, so if you left and had a company car, it was put back into the pool and handed out to lower milage users or used as a location pool car.

That would seem consistent with the mileage shown on the car featured here.
auction prices - looking4car
CU - Commercial Union ?

Are you mixing up Avviva the finance company with Arriva, the car & trains group, formerly Cowies.

or have I got the wrong CU ?

or is Commercial Union really part of Cowies ? (somehow doubt it)
auction prices - No Do$h

I've got my coat on. Which way is the door?
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Thought Avviva was a Vauxhall?

auction prices - Morris Ox
Isn't it great when everyone appreciates your wit, humour, repartee to the point where the entire Back Room goes silent for hours?


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