How can I arrange a safe transfer of money when selling my car?

I am selling my car privately and have some concern about being scammed. I have read of all sorts of clever ways that scammers use to cheat people without them being aware. What safe method of payment would you recommend bearing in mind that the closest Barclays Bank, who I bank with, is 13 miles away?

Asked on 16 April 2024 by Graham

Answered by David Ross
If accepting cash at your local bank is not an option, we would recommend either using online banking for an immediate transfer or an Escrow service if you would prefer extra security. If using a bank transfer it will require you to provide your bank details, but you can call your bank to ensure the funds have been successfully transferred before handing over the car. An Escrow service is a third party mediator that can handle the transfer for you, but it will require an additional fee to be paid for this service. Make sure you use a service that has not been listed as fraudulent by the Financial Conduct Authority.
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