Volvo V70 luggage cover - Slender
My `98 Volvo V70 XC has a luggage cover which I cannot for the life of me work out how to remove! I`ve read the hand book which states the retracted luggage cover should be pushed to the right in its holder to disengage. The cover does move within its holder but not far enough to allow either end to be removed. Anybody know what I`m doing wrong?? Getting my mountain bikes in is going to be a bit tricky if it won`t come out!
Volvo V70 luggage cover - volvod5_dude

Each end of the luggage cover is spring loaded so you should be able to push one end in enough for that end to come free from it's retaining slot. Then just swing the whole cover towards the back of the car towards yourself and the other end of the cover will then come out of it's slot. To replace just locate one end into the slot, push back the spring-loaded end and locate in the opposite side. It can be a bit of a fiddle the first time but practise makes perfect.

Hope this helps as it's quite difficult to explain.


Volvo V70 luggage cover - Slender
Much obliged.

I shall be trying this first thing in the morning.

Volvo V70 luggage cover - Slender

I finally conceded defeat and rang the supplying dealer. Their explanation, along with yours, and the luggage cover holder is now free. I was trying to push the rolled up luggage cover to the left or right when what I should have been doing was putting my hands between the glass and the top of the luggage cover holder and pushing in - accordion style.

Easy when you know how!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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