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I have a Nissan Micra, Y Reg, Year 2000 model. When I put the fan on in the car, it only runs on the number 4 speed and nothing else. I believe it's called a rheostat. Not a problem, but noisy & gets hot in car. Is it an easy job to put a new one in & does any one have an idea what one would cost. Mainly is it worth all the hassle of doing the job, because I believe you have to take the dash out to repair it.

HELP, Ronny from Sheffield

Nissa Micra Y reg - Nissan Micra heater fan - elekie&a/c doctor

Probably a fault with the speed resistor "card".Easy to replace ,under glovebox,about 20 mins to fit.Part from Nissan approx £40.

Nissa Micra Y reg - Nissan Micra heater fan - McP

Almost definately a problem with the heater resistor. Very common on this age of Nissans. I have repaired two on similar aged Micras and one on a Primera.

No need to remove the dash. Look up behind the glovebox

Unplug the connector and remove a couple of screws

Often is just a corroded solder fuse on the heater resistor.

Google Nissan Micra (or Primera) Heater Resistor and you will find replace/repair guides. Primera and Micra almost identical layout.


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