Ford fiesta 1.4 tdci lx 2004 - Central locking problem - scooby650
Hi, I have a central locking problem with my 2004 fiesta lx. Doors lock fine using the key in the door, but sometimes will not double lock. Using the key fob, double click boot realease, boot most of the time unlocks. Using the key fob to unlock central locking this is where the main problem is. Most of the time the lock & unlock buttons will not work, you have to stand at side of car & press buttons quiet a few times to get any action, I have replaced the battery in key fob but still no joy, was wondering where the sensor was for the central locking, maybe dirty or something. Any ideas would be a great help as driving me nuts, thanks in advance, steve

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Ford fiesta 1.4 tdci lx 2004 - Central locking problem - elekie&a/c doctor

First thing I would do is try another battery.A lot of battery sellers have a slow turnover of stock and the batteries become flat with age.


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