Accord Disc price - davo
Car came back from service last night and I have been quoted £291 by local Honda dealer to replace the front discs on my new shape, 95,000mile 99 Accord, is this reasonable? Or is there somewhere cheaper, am selling the car in a few momnths time and trying to spend as little as possible on it.
Accord Disc price - Billy Whizz
I bought a pair of good quality front vented discs for a Calibra last year for £12 each from a motor factor.

I know Rimmer Brothers supplies front vented discs for Range Rovers etc for around £20 each. These are good quality Brembo ones.

My advice is to keep looking around for cheaper suppliers and front disc replacement is normally an easy DIY job.

Of course you have to add the price of new pads (as you should never change the discs without changing the pads).

Also try a visit a large Halfords store they do lots of discs, most at reasonable prices (I tried to see if I could find Accord disc prices from their website but they do not seem to list replacement part price nor availability) so I am not sure if they stock Accord ones.

PS I have no connection with any shops mentioned above
Accord Disc price - davo
Thanks Billy, will try the ones you mention, Halfords no joy either. With the Accord being made in the UK one would assume that there are pattern parts available, the incentive to do it yourself increases the greater the savings become:-))
Accord Disc price - Billy Whizz
So Halfords don't list the Accord on their in-shop availability guide for replacement discs, huh?

Another approach, bit of a long shot tho', is to get the official part number from your Honda dealer parts counter and then ask him if any other models use the same part numer. (He should have a cross checking list to make it easy). If so, these other models can also be checked at the motor factor.

What about the Rover 600 - there is a potential for cross-model parts sharing with the Accord? Your local independant garage might have an idea on this?

I am sure that the parts availability guides (in Halfords and motor factors) are not 100% exhaustive. In other words, it is not unheard of for the part you want being listed under another model.

BTW, I am pretty sure Rimmer Brothers won't have anything for your Accord, they only do LR and old BL stuff (as far as I know). I only mentioned them to give you an idea of (the low) prices.

Incidentally, what is the the price of discs from the parts counter of the Honda dealer? Worth a call?


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