Towing with new Mondeo - GrahamM
Anybody got any experience of towing a caravan with the new 2.0 and 1.8 petrol models, please? Can\'t afford a TDCi, and anyway I\'ve been a bit put off by all the starting problems etc highlighted in this forum, so I may look for a used petrol model.
HJ mentioned some time back that early LX models had front seat problems - not kind to the coccyx, and plastic pins sticking through the seat padding. Any advice on what registrations/ production runs to avoid here?
Thanks - GrahamM
Towing with new Mondeo - IanT
Have a look at for problems about retro-fitting a towbar.

Towing with new Mondeo - Tony_M
Hi Graham,

For an honest opinion on car/caravan combinations, post a message on the newsgroup uk.rec.caravanning or visit the website You will get a number of responses!


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Towing with new Mondeo - kurnal
Whilst I have had many grumbles about my TDCi mondeo, I must give credit where its due. It is an excellent towcar- I tow a 16foot Mardon of gross weight 1100kgs. The outfit is very stable, traction and hill starts are good though the handbrake needs a really good pull on on a steep uphill slope. Previously towed with Cavaliers SRI and CDi, also Toyota avensis 2.0. The Mondeo beats all these for stability and traction, and beats the avensis hands down- that had soft rear suspension, weak clutch prone to smoking on hill starts coupled with a high first gear.
Fuel consumption towing is about 25mpg.
The mondeos suspension is a little firm for my taste when solo but comes into its own when towing.
Hope this helps.

Towing with new Mondeo - jud
That's disappointing mpg for a diesel, i tow a similar weight with a 1.8T and return 23/25mpg, from a diesel i would expect low 30s

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