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Ford Focus Mk1 - Ford Focus Mk1 or Mk2, Zetec.. Or ST170 - ipsga

Bit of advice needed, budget is a major issue unfortunately, that will govern my decision. I am weighing up the pros and cons between either a MK1 or MK2 Ford Focus, it would most likey be the Zetec as this seems to have plenty of spec for the year, and from what I have read I would probably opt for the 1.6..But should I be considering buying a car this age? Is it false economy if it needs constant repairs etc.,

I see no end of Mk1's on the road which is a good advert to the quality, but my gut feeling is to hold on until I might be able to afford a Mk2, that said they still seem out of my budget. If a car this old is really not an issue and I check F/S/H service stamps etc, then would the ST170 be worth looking at as it seems to have everything- only thing that concerns me is the mpg which if I am on a tight budget it seems daft to buy something that is going to consume fuel like there's no tomorrow!


Ford Focus Mk1 - Ford Focus Mk1 or Mk2, Zetec.. Or ST170 - elekie&a/c doctor
Stick to a mark 1 petrol focus.The 1.6 is perfectly ok and loads around .Very durable and easy to fix.No garage ever got rich repairing these.The st 170 is a bit of an oddball,probably expensive to insure and parts not so easy to source as many are different to a standard model.

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