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Just a quick ?. On playing music from a USB stick which has over 900 tracks I have the problem of the USB indexing and starting from the beginning everytime I turn on the ignition. Is this normal for Ford as I know someone with a DS5 and that carries on from where it was when he turns the ignition off.

It's getting to be a pain.

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Always run my USB on "shuffle". It starts on the track it finished on then selects the tracks randomly.
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It depends on the type of car/system.

Some USB sticks will only work with a maximum size of 16GB others will be OK at 128GB.

Some work only with MP3 files while others work OK with WAV files as well. Some will only work with FAT and FAT32 format while others will work with exFAT and NTFS format.

Not sure there is any real solution you will probabl;y justy have to live with it?



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