Think yourself lucky ! - volvoman
Some of you may know that Mrs V. is from Slovakia. She has some family there trying to survive despite all the odds - no money, high inflation, pathetic public services etc. etc. Her sister and brother in law have to live with my wife's grandmother 'cos they can't afford a room even and have a baby to support. They've worked very hard to buy a very modest car and things like the windscreen wipers and wheel trims keep getting nicked ! Nobody cares, least of all the police and this sort of thing's endemic there - anything and everything gets robbed !

Given that their earnings are a small fraction of ours, petrol's more expensive than champagne is here! The relatovely few cars on the road are owned by lunatics who only stop for 3 reasons - they're out of fuel; they've hit a wall; or they've reached where they're going !

So think yourself lucky folks !
Think yourself lucky ! - Pugugly {P}
I resisted the temptation to emigrate to Canada ten years ago when SWMBO was offered a job there.

This country is still a beautiful place.

Took a day off yesterday and took one of my (now) regualar jaunts to Wales. Drove up to Macvhynlleth through stunning countryside enhanced by gin clear air and Sun and then drove up throough Pennal, Towyn, Barmouth.....superb. The costal views compared with Spain and the roads were quiet. Man, family anad machine were one. A memorable day.
Think yourself lucky ! - Oz
This country is still a beautiful place.

Agreed, volvoman. Sometimes, a little lateral thinking helps too.
We were motoring southwest bound down the A303 on an August Bank Holiday Saturday morning a few years ago (I hear you say: "fools!"). Of course we hit the inevitable stationary traffic west of Andover.
Solution: check out the map, choose B roads (e.g. the B390), leave the following-like-sheep to the sheep, and enjoy almost traffic-free roads through the pleasantest of countryside. So I admit, we did do an extra 10-20 miles. But I reckon we still arrived before the rest of the pack. (Sorry, not exactly on-thread).
Oz (as was)

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