New Avensis - clariman
From the pics I've seen, it has a touch of the Passat about it.

Will seriously harm the residuals of the outgoing model I fear, of which I am an owner.

Maybe it will be my next car purchase. Looks nice.

Anyone had a test drive yet, or am I being premature?

New Avensis - MikeC
Not driven the new one yet, I think they have spoiled the looks front (reminds me of the new VV) Inside and spec list looks good. I always liked the look of the existing one, a bit like a 3-series from side? The existing one is a very good car which I enjoyed driving - yes!, quiet, very comfortable, spacious, well equipped and fast (1.8) only downfall was its alarming tendancy to understeer, even when not pushing it hard.
New Avensis - peterb
Agree with comment on looks: the old-model saloon I used to have looks very simlar to a 5 series from the side or back.

It's an underrated car all-round. Engines are great, equipment is excellent and they don't go wrong very often. They're not fantastic on a twisty B road, but those of us who live in cities rarely do that kind of driving anyway!
New Avensis - No Do$h
You're not wrong about b roads! I had an early 2.0CDX as a company car (R plate) and it handled with all the finesse of a blancmange on a pogo stick. I'm glad I had to leather interior as it made cleaning up the vomit stains from my passengers all the easier.

I thought it was my driving so spent a weekend in the passenger seat. Suffice to say I was glad to see the back of that car! I certainly got to see a lot of the footwell....

As for the looks on the new one, it seems that someone crossed a new Vectra with a Bora and then proceeded to hit it with a length of 2"x4".


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