Uno, not another problem!! - Mike200
Got a few problems wit my '93 Uno 1.0.

1) The front breaks squeal when they get warm. Pads changed twice, callipers changed once, runners cleaned but they still squeal.
2) When cold, engine seems to hold back on sudden harsh acceleration, and gradually 'perks' up. Scary when trying to pull out of a side road quickly.
3) Heater never seems to warm up properly.

Finally, can anyone tell me if these cars are meant to have a plastic tray in the dash to slot a stereo into because the holes to big and my CD player sounds like a low quality record player!
Uno, not another problem!! - Dave_TD
1) Take the pads out, smear a little copper grease on the backs, put them back in. This should stop the squeal. Some brake pads come with anti-squeal shims (thin slices of metal the same shape as the outline of the pad), but copper grease does the same job.

2) Over-choking. Is it manual choke, auto choke or fuel injected? If manual choke, push the choke back in sooner.
Or try not to pull out of side roads quickly first thing in the morning...

3) Probably thermostat stuck. Do you get any heat at all? Does the temperature gauge move as the car warms up? Try the old trick of putting a piece of cardboard down the front of the radiator so it obscures about half the radiator area from airflow.

4) I think you could get a spacer bracket to fit in the large gap, which your CD player cage would clip more snugly into. Try wedging something in the gap underneath the CD player to stabilise it.


Uno, not another problem!! - DavidHM
If the car has a 'unique fit' radio then Halfords actually sell kits for most cars for about £15 (I think) that will solve that problem. I didn't know the Uno had anything other than standard DIN but you live and learn eh?

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