Nissan Primera 1.6 - Pugugly {P}
Been looking at one of these as a potential new Office Battlebus.

this one is an M reg 1.6 lX. 130k up. Very tidy inside and out.
Has a service history of sorts.

I just need to confirm a couple of things. (yes, I have read HJ's C X C breakndown).

The geezer that's selling wants £975.00, but according to his SWMBO he will drop.

It seems from HJ's CXC breakdown that this has a chain drive
cam. Is that right ?

Will it have a cat. If it has what I propose to do is get him to put an MoT on it and I'll pay if it passes. I intend to offer about £850.00

Any comments on the above or anything else about the motor appreciated.
Nissan Primera 1.6 - blank
Surprised nobody's replied to this yet!

Yes, it will definitely have a cat, and it will need to be working after a fashion to pass the MOT.

If it's been decently maintained should be fine. My 1997 (fecelifted) Primera was thrashed mercilessly for the 60k miles I ran it, then used by a number of others in the firm until 120k. Apart from needing a new clutch it was OK.

Almost sure the chain-drive cam is correct.
Nissan Primera 1.6 - Gazza
I believe that all petrol Nissan are chain-cam engine from around 95 onwards. Am I correct?
Nissan Primera 1.6 - Primera_p
Yes, definitely. The 1.6 and 2.0 petrol primeras have chain driven camshafts.

However, the diesel 2.0 has a belt.

Hope this helps


Nissan Primera 1.6 - Pugugly {P}
Thanks for the help decided against it after words with Mech guru
who tends our current Battlebus. He said that they were reliable
but that gearboxes were weak and the high mileage of this one might be an issue. For 900 quid it was tagged by its private owner it was twice the Office's budget (but I could have cancelled a bonus here and there - joke !) and too risky for me. Went to look at the General's products instead. Guru said he could get a Cav cam belt for 13 quid and fit it for 20..
Nissan Primera 1.6 - dat sun
I have taken a pre-facelift P reg 1.6 Primera 16v from 60k to 126k over 3 years. In that time it has had a new clutch, petrol pump and alternator. Otherwise it has been fine. The interior is dull and tacky but it runs and handles as well as anything else I have had in the repmobile class.


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