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Bought a Focus back in June (see earlier thread "Used Car Value").

Since collecting it from the dealer there had been a stange "clonking" sound coming from what sounds like inside the dashboard ahead of the driver which only occurs whilst driving. It's not continous, only seems to occur whilst steering or driving over bumpy road. I took the car back twice and the garage claimed they couldn't hear anything, so I paid for an RAC Inspection which confirmed there was a problem and pointed the finger at the the front anti-roll bar bushes.

I took the car back armed with this extra ammo and immediately the garage agreed there was a problem and after putting the car on a ramp told me aswell as the bushes being worn the gearbox mount under the engine was loose and could also be the cause, so they said they would order both parts to replace them.

Collected the car yesterday with these new parts fitted and guess what? "Clonk" as soon as I've driven out of the garage! The problem is no different, and to make matters worse the garage is an hour's drive from my home and they obviously don't have a clue what the problem is!

Anyone have any suggestions?
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You buy from a dealer you get shafted. QED.

You could have bought a nice little private one from auction and with the saved cash would have had a little fund in hand to cover problems like this.

Instead you've given the dealer a profit and the price of sorting it is coming out of your pocket.
Clonk-clonk-clonkin Focus - David Lacey
Buy it from a decent dealer and you'll get looked after whatever problems you have (like us)

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David Lacey wrote:
> Buy it from a decent dealer and you'll get looked after
> whatever problems you have (like us)

Even Franco got the trians running on time!
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There have been 3 TSB's issued by Ford regarding clonking.

First is 3/1999 entitled 'Knocking noise when braking' and invloves a different torque setting on one of the lower suspension arm bolts. It also states a new bolt and nut should be fitted, and notes that care must be taken to assemble the washers in the correct order, and that the torque should be applied to the bolt and not the nut.

The second is TSB 52/1999 entitled 'Rattle/knocking noise from front suspesion over rough surfaces' and involves to much freeplay between the spring and upper seat, This is rectified by the fitting of a rubber insulator between the spring and mount.

The third is TSB is 40/2000 entitled 'knocking noises from engine bay uner load changes and is a misalignment between the engine rear mount and bracket. Rectified by fitting new compnents.

The 2nd one seems more like your problem, and you can have a look to see if it has an insulator between the spring and top mount. As I said before to the guy with the Ka, take it back to Ford and ask if they have considered these TSB's, and if not, why not. Then suggest an appropriate goodwill gesture. If they object, wait till there are a few poeple in the Q behind you, then start raising your voice and sticking some F's in, always worked for me.
Re: Dealers and shafting. - Dai Watchalowski
I have never knowingly shafted anyone ! Every customer is treated on the basis that we try to hang on to them ! A lot do come back (thank God). Example was a 91 Civic traded in to us (in around 93). A very desirable motor then - paid top book for it and sold it within a week. Buyer brought it back with
paint lifting on the offside...Turned out the car had been in a major shunt and repaired very well apart from the paint. Ended up being re-sprayed in a Honda paint shop, cost us an arm and a leg but not a penny passed onto the csutomer. Consequently he is now a regular and we intend to keep him. Oh and I still see the Civic around looks as good as new.
Re: Dealers and shafting. - Michael Thomas

That's very admirable. Who do you work for ? Because that kind of customer care and good service is very rare these days.

Good for you.
Re: Dealers and shafting. - Dai Watchalowski
I work for myself, therefore have a vested interest in customer retention.

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