Good mid-sized auto diesel - Dan J
What is available? If you want the auto option a lot of cars only seem to have a petrol available e.g. Ford Focus.

It horrifies me the effect that some autoboxes have on fuel consumption e.g. Rover 75 1.8 Manual 36.2mpg, 1.8 Auto 30.1 - admittedly petrol but equally bad effect on the derv engine, there must be some which are much better than this.

So basically what is a good mid sized diesel auto with reasonable fuel consumption? BMW not really in price range, likewise Merc. Quite like a diesel Skoda Octavia Auto I was in as a taxi but perhaps a bit better than that? I'm thinking of either looking brand new or perhaps up to a year old (certainly worthwhile with the repmobiles from but *not* a Vauxhall.

Dan J

Good mid-sized auto diesel - DavidHM
If you like the Octavia, but balk at driving a Skoda (why? there are some good deals on at the moment) then have a look at a Passat, I guess. Otherwise it's the usual suspects - Mondeo, 406, C5 and Rover 75. has the 90bhp Ambiente version of the Octavia for £12448 with auto, but it would be a bit slow. Mondeos basically won't be available used as diesel autos, the 406 is old now, which leaves you with the C5 and 75 to choose from used. has the Mondeo 115 LX auto for £15,500 - a lot for a Mondeo even with a £1500 discount. Otherwise it's a C5, which starts at £12,199 from Reg Vardy, with 0% finance available. The Rover starts at £17,700 from drivethedeal - I'm pretty sure that both these broker prices can be beaten by at least a few hundred if you look hard enough.
Good mid-sized auto diesel - DavidHM
Or you could get a Laguna 2.2 dci with 150 bhp and an auto for £16k - probably better value than the Mondy as it's much faster.
Good mid-sized auto diesel - Ben79
Search high and low for a rare Xsara 2.0HDI diesel.

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