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hi there

i have this annoying problem with my drivers side wheel. i feel as if it wanders/moves about had it in the dealers a few times but can't find fault i have heard that it could be the top mount or wishbone

also when i brake the pedal feels spongy had it in the dealership. had the brakes striped and cleaned 2 times but the problem still there had it in at the dealer again this time they said they cant fault the brakes so looking for some advice

ford fiesta - faults with fiesta 2012 - MrEckerslikefromRamsbottom

For the first problem, try swapping the front wheels to see if the problem switches to the other side.. or if the tyres are directional, swap front to back. Or.. first, just jack up the driver's side front and turn the wheel by hand and see if it runs true. I've had a badly-made wheel on a Mini many years ago where the wheel centre hadn't been welded true to the rim. It was a hydrolastic mini, so that side of the car would ride up and down due to the coupled suspension and it wasn't immediately apparent that one wheel was at fault.

Have the brakes been bled? You can take some slack out of the back brakes by adjusting the handbrake lever travel, or you could on the 2006 Fiesta. Wonder if Ford have changed anything since then?


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