Worst main dealer ever - Rick99
Today I\'ve just had the worst motoring experience of my life and it was with a main franchised Skoda dealer.

They\'d offered me a good price to buy a Fabia off me. We agreed on a price, signed the paperwork incluidng V5 forms etc. He then gave me a cheque payable to Mr. ???? No first name, so \"please write me another with my full name\". Fine, he said and the second had my surname spelt incorrectly.

On the 3rd time of asking he said he was no longer interested! [snip, snip, snip] So I had a V5 doc in 2 parts with the dealer\'s stamp and signature on it. What should I do with this I asked? Just cross it out mate he replied. Brilliant!

I now have 4 weeks before my new car is ready (fortunately I\'ve gone for a new MINI not another Skoda) to sort this mess out.

I have a completed invoice from him as well which I may use to formally complain to Skoda. But what should I do with the V5? No one\'s going to be interested in buying a car with someone else\'s stamp all over it!

Comments welcome,
Worst main dealer ever - Mark (RLBS)
1) send it to the DVLA and ask for a replacement.
2) declare it as lost and get a replacement
3) learn how to type a note without resorting to obscenities
Worst main dealer ever - No Do$h
Mark, re. 3)

Blimey, didn't take you long! Do you have radar on today?

Rick, Have to warn you, there are some lengthy delays at DVLA right now. Purchased my s/h car in December and still waiting for V5. DVLA acknowledge it is in the pipeline but are swamped by requests for replacements due to the new rules on VEL.

It may be worth ringing the Skoda dealership again and speaking to the used-sales manager, explaining the dilemma, asking him if he wants an opportunity to purchase or not, but keep it cool. If you come across as Mr Angry, whether justified or not, you aren't going to get any help. As for pursuing a complaint, forget it. Skoda UK aren't going to be too bothered about somebody buying a MINI not getting good service on selling their used car to a Skoda franchise.

BTW, may be worthwhile typing your details out to hand over when doing the deal to make sure it doesn't happen again.
Worst main dealer ever - Dan J
It wouldn't bother me but I know what you mean.

Contact the DVLA and request a replacement V5 which when I last looked was free...

"If you are the current registered keeper of the vehicle and there have been no changes to you or your vehicles details you may apply for a free duplicate V5 over the telephone by contacting Customer Enquiries (Vehicles) on 0870 240 6415. You should receive it within 3 working days."

Dan J
Worst main dealer ever - Crombster
I bought a new car, recieved the V5, then sent them away to transfer private plates and on each transaction it took less than 1 week. They cant be overly backlogged at present.
Worst main dealer ever - joe
For what its worth, you made a deal with this guy and could enforce it if you chose to. you might consider it if you got a particularly good price from him, though him being a trader I doubt it.
Worst main dealer ever - cockle {P}
Friend was scrapping his vehicle last week and decided he would do it all above board but couldn't find his V5. DVLA replaced it within four days of his phone call, so they can't be that backlogged at present.

Worst main dealer ever - Dave N
What's wrong with a cheque made out to Mr ???? no first name ?

Maybe if you weren't so pedantic you would have done the deal without the hassle of a V5 with someone else's details on it. The dealer only fills in the red part anyway.

What is it they say, treat others how you would like to be treated yourself?
Worst main dealer ever - marcusroberts
I agree, this does sound a little too pedantic. Did you (perhaps) change your mind? See something a little more attractive after agreeing the deal? Sorry, but there's no smoke without fire. He could enforce the contract if you've signed the deal.
Worst main dealer ever - Dynamic Dave
What's wrong with a cheque made out to Mr ???? no
first name ?

That's what I was wondering. Why do people get so pinickity over their name? A guy I work with hates people he doesn't know adressing him by his first name, either verbally or by written corespondance. If he doesn't know them, then it has to be Mr soandso, not firstname soandso. Anything else but that and the toys leave his pram.
Worst main dealer ever - DavidHM
Okay, it's slightly unfortunate but I think you're being a bit harsh on Rick. I've actually never tried to cash a cheque to myself without my first name but I can imagine the bank getting a bit difficult - and in the grand scheme of things, writing out a second (or third) cheque is hardly a big deal if you anticipate a few hundred pounds' profit out of it. Even if Rick was particularly rude about it (and I accept we don't know all the facts) the dealer was something of a fool, breaching an enforceable contract with evidence to it in a fit of pique.

Having said that, based on what I've heard on this forum and elsewhere, this doesn't qualify as the world's worst franchise dealer by a long shot.
Worst main dealer ever - T Lucas
Two sides to every story,and it might be intresting to hear the'worst main dealer ever'version of events.
Worst main dealer ever - Rick99
Thanks for the info re: the DVLA. They said it would be fine, 3-5 days for a replacement as mentioned here.

I admit the full name on a cheque is a little pedantic but when its for several thousand notes and the fact I'd asked him to write a cheque out to my name as written on the top of the V5 form I hardly thought this would cause such hassle. And I thought a main dealer would at least show a little coutesy and customer "care".

I suppose it might be interesting to hear what a lawyer thinks of the fact the dealer signed the V5 affectively agreeing into a binding contract, but I don't have the time to chase this up or go back asking for a re-consideration. I can see why people just forget the hassle and take a part-exchange deal. The MINI dealer offered £500 less hence all the fuss.

You live and learn and yes after flicking thru' previous postings I think I did get off quite lightly!

Worst main dealer ever - Pugugly {P}
I wouldn't hold your breath for a breach of contract. The transaction was perfectly legit up to and including when he wrote a cheque with Mr ????? on it. In fact this happened to SWMBO when she sold the hated Disco. back to the nice people at the LR delaership....and she's an accountant. It was in her dainty little fist before you could say "I'll never buy another".
Cleared through the Bank within a couple of days no questions asked and it was for a 5 figure sum. Maybe you didn't ask nicely enough....correct me if I'm wrong they were buying a car from you, does that not make them the customer ??

Best of luck with the Mini.

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