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I bought a used Ford Focus ('99V 2.0 Ghia 5-dr 11.5k miles) at the start of June from a place called Jeffries Farm at Billingshurst, Sussex, and was told by the salesman prior to sale that the car had one previous owner.

Last week I received the car's registration document (V5) through the post listing, you've guessed it, 2 former keepers! It states the second owner acquired the car in Feb 2001. The first registered keeper was infact a leasing firm with whom I have spoken and the second also appears to be a business address.

Having been on the phone to the supplying garage to vent my anger today I was assured that this would have no effect whatsoever on the car's future resale value.

Is this true?
Re: Used car value - honest john
It's no big deal. How long do you intend to keep the car? The longert you keep it, the less two previous owners will affect its value. After 5 years and 60,000 miles it won't affect the value of the car at all.

Re: Used car value - Ian Cook

Whilst what you say is true, what happens if the buyer's circumstances change and he has to sell the car earlier than you suggest.

Me? I'd be furious and want to see a dish of "b*ll**ks stew from the owner of the garage!
Re: Used car value - John Davis
It may, or may not affect the final resale value but, what is galling here is that you have been misled by a business whose employees are economical with the truth. I feel that they owe you an explanation, and some recompense, for selling you something with a false description. Other areas of business are penalised very heavily, even for innocent mistakes, and your example does nothing to improve the tarnished opinion which the general public seems to have of the motor trade, the majority of whom are honest and decent businessmen.
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Did you not look at the log book before you brought it? Always take a look or walk, it's not like thers a shortage of Ford Focus's.
Re: Used car value - honest john
Actually, there is a shortage of used Focuses. Prices are holding up very well as a consequence.

Re: Used car value - PhiL P
Cheers for the advice!

I paid £10k for it, and at the time I was quite surprised how few Focus's there were on the market that met my criteria (2.0 Ghia 5-drs silver, blue or black).

I actually intend to keep it for 3 years during which time I expect to cover about 30k miles, so hopefully it won't have too much of a detimental effect, additionally I managed to conact the second registered keeper yesterday by searching for their address on the web, turns out they are another leasing firm who simply stored the car until it was sold at auction, good news I guess...

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