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Horror! The remote key battery had gone flat. At 74, I don't have a lot of strength in hands, so a friend took out the battery and said I could buy another. Halfords told me yesterday that once battery is takenout, the new battery has to be rinserted within 10 minutes,. If not, then the car data is wiped off the key fob, and will not work. On investigation this could cost between £150 - £200 via the Concessionary Agent. I see that some locksmiths will do it for £85 + VAT. I also see via internet that you can re-programme key yourself - but how to do it?? Would be grateful for advice/solutions.

Citroen C4 5 door, 2006 - Key programming - Gibbo_Wirral

Replied on your other thread.

Try re-syncing first, as described in your driver's handbook. Available online here:

If that doesn't work check my map of Lexia programming and diagnostic kit owners for a local Peugeot - Citroen owner who can re-code your key for beer money.

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