Puma Clutch Slipping - Chas{P}
Our Puma 1.7 1997 has developed a slipping clutch which especially bad when cold. It hardly slips at all when hot though. Knowing full well what sort of a job (3.5-4.0 Hrs)it is to investigate I was wondering whether anyone else has come across this problem.

It's the same clutch setup in the KA and Fiesta 96> by the way with the combined slave cylinder/release bearing.

I suspect either:

A worn friction plate but the cars only done 51K and been driven properly. Also the pedal is reasonably progressive, not all at the top.


An oil leak that burns off after a few miles and the slippage reduces.

Any other ideas anyone??
Puma Clutch Slipping - Pete F
If there was a significant oil leak, you would see oil dripping from the bell housing. Could be a leaking slave cylinder but you should notice the fluid going down. Whatever may be wrong you are bound to have to take the clutch out because it cannot be a fault with the master cylinder/pedal assembly. Clutches are designed to have the same pedal characteristic throughout their life, so you cannot assess wear from the pedal feel. Distorted fingers on the pressure plate can cause the slave cylinder to leak. Best to replace both plus the disc.
Puma Clutch Slipping - Chas{P}

Thanks for that. Your thoughts were along the same lines as mine.

I feel a big bill coming as it's not a home DIY job even though I've got the factory manual.

Puma Clutch Slipping - Cyd
I was very lucky, my Rover spent most of its early life on the motorway and didn't need a new clutch till it had done 96k. The wifes Metro on the other hand has done mostly short journeys in its 44k life so far. It's going for a new clutch tomorrow.

The specialist who I use told me he's done cars with only 20k up, but that my Rover was amongst only a small percentage of cars whose clutch lasts more than about 80k. He reckoned average life as 50 to 60k.

So I'd rate yours as normal wear & tear. Don't feel bad (I know that's hard when you've got to wedge out).
Clutch life - M.M
Now then Cyd you know you're only tempting the "how long my clutch lasted" posts!

I wonder if these 50/60K life clutches are town cars?

My own experience (often with TDs) is of a very long life. Just to take a sample of the last couple of weeks "visitors"... where their cars have covered in excess of 50K and I know the history.

Out of 12 cars....

10 are on original clutches at 130K, 108K, 80K, 142K, 132K, 218K(!), 85K, 83K, 92K, 87K.

2 further vehicles need clutches soon, one urgently. These have covered 112K and 66K.

Strange that the lowest mileage one is the one with the worse clutch!

Clutch life - Richard Hall
In an earlier existence, I used to audit a company which leased cars (mainly Rovers) under the Motability scheme. I could not believe how many of them were needing new clutches at 15-18K. These cars were then sold at three years old through a franchised Rover dealer, at top price to reflect the ultra-low mileage. I wouldn't have touched one with a bargepole.

Richard Hall
Clutch life - Phil I
I worked with a chap who ran a Bentley MkVI. Was complaining about the cost of replacing clutches. I spotted the plural here and enquired how many have you had. Was astonished to hear a total of five over previous six years. Went for a ride round the neighbourhood with him and diagnosed problem straight away. He started in third. Going thru roundabouts no change of gear from top just slip clutch as required. QED

Happy Motoring Phil I

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