Digital Cordless Phones. - Alfafan {P}
MM, bought a Panasonic about 2 years ago, about £80. Can't remember the model, (it's at home, I'm at work) but it's been very good. SWMBO even dropped it in the bath a couple of weeks ago! It started complaing by beeping a lot (wouldn't you?), but a couple of hours sitting on the radiator (towel underneath) and it's working fine.
Digital Cordless Phones. - smokie
I work from home and use a BT Diverse 3010 (Siemens). I spend a lot of time on the phone, and reception is always crystal clear (I tend to wander around the house and garden while on the phone!). This one is well over a year old, and occassionally gets dropped.

I previously had the earlier BT model for over three years, but the buttons became a bit unresponsive, i.e. you hit green to answer but it didn't always do it first time. I moved the phone to the "home" line and it is still in occassional use and working fine.

The work phone stays off the charger all day, and goes back on every night. With decent batteries, the battery level indicator is usually only down to 2 (from 3) by the end of the day, even when it's been used a lot.

I find with both of them that once the batteries start to go it's not worth waiting to replace them, get a new set and they are fine.
Digital Cordless Phones. - mal
We had for years an analogue cordless phone which worked perfectly apart from sometimes having to put up with a bit of background interference at distance but you could still hear out what was being said.

When the new digital phones came on the market we decided we must have one.This turned out to be a mistake as when you start getting out of range or try and use it through a few walls reception was itermittent and you could not work out what was being said.

Back it went to Bainbridges and I reconnected the old analogue one!.
Digital Cordless Phones. - mal
Should have mentioned my walls are 3ft thick,I wonder if the phones are any better now?.

Digital Cordless Phones. - smokie
You can often tell when someone is using an analogue as not only do they have to ask you to keep repeating, but they sound like they are down a drain...

Digital knocks the spots off analogue, IMO
Digital Cordless Phones. - mal
Smokie, I have don't have any problem with my hearing using my old analogue phone. Digital phones have probably improved in the years since they first appeared on the market.

Another good thing about digitals phones,cordless and mobile, is that they can not be eavesdropped by anyone with one of those multi-channel radio scanners.

You can buy illegal cordless phones in Tottenham Court Road London with a much greater range.

Digital Cordless Phones. - Armitage Shanks{P}
I also have a Diverse 3010, which I use with rechargeable batteries, and it is very good. I bought it because it has a loudspeaker handset so it can be used 'hands free' if one is having a conversation while cooking, computing or whatever. Sound quality and range are acceptable too.

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