Punto Coolant Problems - cbob
My wifes 97 1.2 Punto S has had the heater matrix changed (one of the many punto common problems it appears).

It now makes lots of gurgling and sloshing noises which you can hear inside the car if stationary and rev.

The coolant level keeps rising and will explode from the top up if you take the cap off even after a short journey.

Its had the thermostat changed and the coolant system flushed but it is still happening.

As it has no temperature guage I cannot tell if the car is overheating or not.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Punto Coolant Problems - smokie
I'm not an expert but this sounds similar to an air lock I had years ago.

Well, a car of mine had, not me. Although SWMBO says I do gurgle and slosh internally, and occassionally explode...
Punto Coolant Problems - Glutton
Could it need a new radiator cap perhaps? Or possibly a new expansion tank cap?
Punto Coolant Problems - cbob
I hope it is an air lock. My mechanic thinks it might be a head gasket problem. Obviously I don't want to fork out for a new head gasket unless I'm sure it is.
Anyone got any ideas how I can diagnose if it an airlock or not?
Punto Coolant Problems - Peter D
If you leave the cap off and and someone holds the revs at say 3,000 are there bubbles rising in the header tank and can you smell petrol fumes in the header tank ?? is so the gasket is away. Regards Peter
Punto Coolant Problems - lauriew
There is a device called "Cooling System Pressure Tester" (made by Sykes Pickavant). This will test the pressure cap and,if fixed to the radiator, will pressurise the system to check for leaks.
If you attach to radiator and start engine,the pressure will rise rapidly(shown on gauge), if head gasket leaking.
Most garages have these devices, or perhaps you could hire one from tool-hire shop.


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