Rear belts - mandatory? - SteveH42
What is the law re rear seat belts? My parents have a H reg Saab 900 in which both rear belts have failed. As these are rarely used and it would cost £120 each to have new replacements fitted, I was wondering whether they are actually necessary? I know some older cars didn't have them, but I'm not sure from when they became a necessity and whether they could just remove the belts of if this would result in an MOT failure.

Any advice appreciated!
Rear belts - mandatory? - Dynamic Dave
Short answer. They need to be fitted - and working.
Rear belts - mandatory? - HF
I always thought that they were mandatory in any car where they've been fitted.
Rear belts - mandatory? - Dwight Van Driver
Seat belts required by law for forward facing sets behind the driver for motor cars first used after 1.4.1987.
Reg 47 (2) (d), Motor Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regs 1986.

Rear belts - mandatory? - Dave_TD
I was always under the impression all cars from "D" registration onwards had to have them. (ie as DVD says above, give or take 8 months.)
Rear belts - mandatory? - SteveH42
So it's a £250 job in a car now worth much more than that and which they'd only had a few months when the belts failed after very little use... Such is life I suppose..

Thanks to all that answered.
Rear belts - mandatory? - jc
Contact Saab-the manufacturer/importer not the dealer-even on a car that old they should not fail;after all the rear belts still worked in my D reg. Panda.
Rear belts - mandatory? - Dynamic Dave
So it's a £250 job in a car now worth much
more than that

Instead of buying new replacements, why not try the scrap yards, or see if there are some universal fitting ones on the market. There surely can't be that many variations on seat belts fittings. As it's a Saab, you could try seeing if ones from a scrapper Vauxhall will fit maybe?
From memory Steve, were you the one who posted some time ago about the belts being very difficult to pull out and kept locking as you did so, unless you went very slowly?
Rear belts - mandatory? - pmh
If the retrction is lazy, see the following thread...................

pmh (was peter)
Rear belts - mandatory? - pmh
Sorry should have read it fully first after doing a search, look for post on:

Sluggish Seatbelts

To cure inertia seatbelts not retracting quickly enough, a light spray with silicon spray will restore them to as new.

Does not mark clothing or, more importantly, harm the webbing.

This done each service stops belts hanging out of doors or buckles being slammed against door shuts.

pmh (was peter)
Rear belts - mandatory? - SteveH42
I can't make too much input to the work as I'm no longer local to my parents. They have taken it to a local specialist who is trying to find some second hand belts but even then he is talking £60 each plus fitting. I don't know if Vauxhall ones will fit - I believe 91H was pre-GM involvement in Saab?

Yes, it was me that posted about the problem pulling the belts out. This arose now because the place they bought it from is trying to find a replacement stalk for the front belt as the button is missing and was when they bought it 9 months ago. They took it in to see if he could finally replace it but the one he had found was the wrong type... They mentioned the rear belts at the same time and he says they need changing as well.

Someone else mentioned retraction - that isn't the problem I'm afraid. They go back in no trouble but won't pull out.

By the sounds of it, the only cheap solution will be to take the back seat out! No seat means no requirement for belts... :)
Rear belts - mandatory? - Cyd
Removing the rear seat will not negate the need to have rear belts fitted and working. the car is designed to carry rear passengers and as such must have the belts. removing the seat is only a temporary measure.
Rear belts - mandatory? - Harmattan

I have a pair of rear seatbelts for a two-door SAAB 900 saloon (E-reg). Someone else may know if these are the same as for the 900 hatch. If you are interested, e-mail me off board on
Rear belts - mandatory? - SteveH42
Sorry, I've only just spotted this.

Does anyone know if they would be suitable? I'd suspect not as the fitting point seems to be somewhere that would not be present in a saloon. IYSWIM.

As an aside, does the front seat belt need a button on the release to be legal? The driver's seat doesn't, but can still be released by pushing on the mechanism beneath where the button should be. The garage were going to replace this for my mother, but he's now reckoned he can't source on as this car has belts that were only fitted for one year of manufacture, but also claims (in contradiction to what he originally said) that this isn't necessary to pass the MOT.
Rear belts - mandatory? - Alfafan {P}
My old Sprint had the passenger's release button missing, but I could still release through the mechanism. Even when the car failed the MOT for other reasons, no mention of this on the fault sheet. When other problems fixed, car would pass.
Rear belts - mandatory? - kithmo
Try they sell OEM seatbelts.

Value my car