Skoda and Toyota - Road Hawk def worth the money - dieseldogg

Daughter more than recovered the cost in the first minor traffic altracation she was involved in. Absolutly Proved she was, and had been stationary.

And I just got mine back after an inattentive driver in a Roomster pulled our drivers door mirror off while we were parked. Our car was empty, no witnesses about, so he drove on after checking. Happened in a 30mph zone in a village.

Without leaving any details.

but my RoadHawk is constantly live so i have grassed him up to my insurance.


Should be mandatory new car fitment.

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Skoda and Toyota - Road Hawk def worth the money - Cyd

Yeah, I'm thinking about one myself. Almost needed it on the Fosse Way on Saturday:

I was fourth with a BMW in front of me and a Lancia Coupe in front of that and something else leading. The beemer in front of me overtook both cars and I hung back to see if the Lancia was going to pull out. I gave him about 5-7 seconds and then went for the overtake when he made no move. I was half way down his flank, my bonnet right outside his drivers window when he decided to pull out to overtake without looking to the side or behind. Luckily I was in third, all 260 horses on tap and there was about 3 feet of road left to my right. He never pulled back in!!!!!! I simply had to use my cars power to get past quick enough before he hit us!!!


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