ford focus w reg zetec 2l petrol 95k - Focus misfire - amyamandaallen


The car started mifiring on a short journey back from dropping dd at nursery this morning.

Car perfect when going around last night. Can sit at a steady rev in neutral no issues. Hasnt dropped any water, reserve in same place. Cant see any wires or caps off under angine.

Only around £5 in the tank as light has just come on.

Wondering if this is anything to do with continual hot weather? Petrol likely to evaporate? Air filter cant breathe etc?

Its used a couple of times a week ( flawless ) as have a bike. Prob hasnt had the air filter or plugs changed ( due to little use ) for anywhere up to 2.5 years now.

Engine ussually quite responsive. The only thing I noticed yesterday ( no misfire ) was that it wasnt very responsive when I put me foot down hard yesterday from 15mph. Ussually more responsive.

Someone mention Mass airflow sensor or MAP - Unsure which I have? Or a hose to it?



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