Sad Day - RTI - Trilogy

I was one the first people to arrive at the scene after an apparent head on accident on a B road. Fortunately someone was already on the phone to the emergency services. The driver of the Bentley Continental GT appeared unhurt. The driver of the small van..................

Until the second police car arrived I directed traffic, so it didn't go beyond the crossroads, just before the bend that hid the accident. All apart from two cars took notice of me. One woman in a Nissan 350Z carried on until she reached the accident. The male passenger in a Fabia estate seemed agitated I'd stopped people to enable them to take a very small detour to get round the accident. I told him they should continue straight on if they wanted to be obstructed by an accident blocking the road.

An HGV driver was concerned about other traffic, because the little detour took him on a narrow country lane. I was very helpful telling him they would have to get out of the way.

An ambo was first on the scene, but I expect the rural location meant it took about 20 minutes to arrive. I was surprised the police took longer.

I do hope the van driver will be alright. I've done a google search of the accident to no avail.

Sad Day - RTI - bathtub tom

I saw an old lady knocked down on a zebra crossing. I knew enough not to move her and shielded her by standing, facing oncoming traffic.

One driver came straight at me, blaring his horn, stopped and shouted profanities before driving up the pavement.

Sad Day - RTI - alastairq

welcome to the world where people now care not.

Sad Day - RTI - Dutchie

Well done Bathtub I would have done the same,people like that driver blasting their horn and shouting may he rot in hell and he will.

Sad Day - RTI - SteveLee

Well done Bathtub I would have done the same,people like that driver blasting their horn and shouting may he rot in hell and he will.

Except there's no such thing as hell - unless you're discussing what's left of British culture after 60 years of constant attack from the left which has destroyed family values and state-sponsored the dregs of society to outbreed productive decent people.

Sad Day - RTI - oldroverboy.

Many years ago, I stopped at an accident where an old lady coming out of a side road had hit a car and overturned (first person there) I parked my car in a position to stop other traffic running into the overturned car, first on scene before fire brigade and ambulance. As there was leaking petrol i got into the car with someone else outside ready to get the old lady out quickly if things got hot, (preferring not to move her unless we had to) fire brigade turned up, said as you are in there help us by easing her over the door frame and so one old lady extracted, thanks from fire brigade and ambulance crew, but a right old telling off from plod when they finally arrived for stopping my car where i did. Shrugged my shoulders and left.

Sad Day - RTI - jc2

On the A1,came upon the scene of a minor accident(fender-bender) and all the traffic was squeezing past-before the police got there and closed the road.Was on the A12 and came up to a line of stationary vehicles on a Saturday afternoon(just past a slip road-of course) and I sat there for the best part of TWO hours-brides were missing their weddings etc. and when the traffic finally started to move expected to see the remains of a horrific accident-three car nose/tail was all I could see.

Sad Day - RTI - hillman

A couple of weeks ago I came across a rolled over Mini - looked new - on the B5470 near Rainow. The road tends to be used as a racetrack and I've seen many accidents over the years. The accident had just happened but here were already three or four cars stopped, so I carried on carefully. A few hundred yards further on we were passed by a police car going the other way (I wrote going - but he was flying !).

A couple of days later I noticed either a new Reduce Speed Now sign before the bend, or it had been replaced.

Sad Day - RTI - Trilogy

oldroverboy, I just parked my car partly on the verge and turned on the hazard lights. Then I raised by hand when I could see traffic approaching (luckily it is a relatively quiet road in the middle of the day), so I could stop traffic before it reached the crossroads, let alone the accident. A lad in a van of a local civil engineering company thought plod would tell me off. Quite the opposite was the case.


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