Renault Clio 1.5 Diesel 2003 - Renault Clio Electrical Issues - jhamshed
I am having an intermittent problem with some of the electrics I.e. whilst driving I can hear an occasional clicking noise coming from under the glove compartment immediately when I hear this my vipers and indicators seem to stop working. Also if at night time my lights go off if I continue to drive eventually the car clicks again and the electrics return or otherwise I have to stop the car and restart.

It is an intermittent problem which I am struggling to find a solution for I have taken the car to the garage who have suggested that I may have to go to the dealers and have a electrical management unit changed at a considerable cost any suggestions? And what is the unit actually called as there are many on the vehicle.

Renault Clio 1.5 Diesel 2003 - Renault Clio Electrical Issues - Peter.N.

If you have a circuit diagram of the wiring you should be able to trace it through with a meter until you find the point at which it has dissapeared if it will stay off long enough of course. If you are unable to do this yourself I would take it to a good auto electrician rather than the garage.

There may of course be be someone who knows the answer but if no one turns up here I would suggest you find a dedicated Renault forum.


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