Volvo V40 Estate - any good? - Pat L
A friend has been offered the car by a trader I know who punts on ex-company cars at a reasonable price (I bought a 318i Touring from him, and he seems a genuine bloke)

Reg March 2000 (W plate)
SE Estate, 2litre turbo
Metallic black
Black leather
good spec

117,000 miles, full Volvo sh

Price £6250

Mate wants a another BMW Touring to repalce his F reg 325i, and is a bit iffy about the Volvo. It seems to me like a lot of car for the money.

Does anyone have any opinions on the car/value? I've read the CBCB section and it's a bit mixed.


Volvo V40 Estate - any good? - chris p crisps ©
I drive a V40 1.8 i estate so cannot comment on engine ,but I find :
1 the leg room in back not very good.
2 luggage space very poor and not very practicle due to its shape
3 seats very uncomfortable
4 little head room if seat too upright and iam only 6 feet tall
5 wife also thinks its very uncomfortable so get her opinion if you have a wife that is.
6 dog hates it cos when he jumps in he hits his head on the roof jumping over high sill in boot (its suppose to be an estate).
7 spare wheel is a space saver. yuk!!!!
8 apart from that its probably ok but not that good.

Volvo V40 Estate - any good? - Pat L
Thanks Chris

Reminds me of the Fawlty Towers episode where the health inspector reels off a long list of hygiene problems, and Basil Fawlty says 'apart from that all right?'.

Perhaps my mate is right to be wary of this model.



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