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On the way home today I had to go through this narrow road. There were parked cars on both sides so I had to go between them. I was in 2nd gear so I was doing about 20ish in a 30 zone. As I was driving between the cars, my passenger wing mirror hit a parked cars wing mirror. The driver of the other car was in the car when it happend. I pulled over had a look at my mirror and there was no damage so i went upto the other car and the driver and apologized. Straight away she said its fine theres no damage and didnt ask for any of my details and let me on my way.

I am just worried she might have noted my number plate down and made a claim for something. I am a new young driver so I don't want to go through insurance as it's expensive as it is and if there is any damage it would be light so I would be able to pay for it. Whats the liklihood she will made a claim? At the time of the incident she wasn't p'eed off at all and seemed really nice about it. I have just been worried all day and it has put me down ever since.

Hit a wing mirror - Dwight Van Driver

In such 'accidents' where damage is caused to another vehicle by law there is an obligation to STOP (which you did) AND give details to anyone having need for these i.e the other driver. If not given report to the police as soon as reasonably practicable and in any case within 24 hrs.. While technically you did not do so you gave the other the opportunity to be so furnished so I would doubt any proceedings in this respect.

Whilst it may appear that 'she' accepted the incident one has to consider the cost of a replacement mirror if damaged - could well be into three figures. On arrival back at home what is hubby (who no doubt is responsible for the upkeep of the car for which many ladies have little idea) going to to do and maybe push matters to save his own pocket? Who knows?. Maybe if the other car was relatively old and damage very light the matter may well be forgotten.

The ideal situation would have been to offer to pay for the damage there and then. If you have their details ,then consider making an approach or put matters into the hands of your Insurance (expensive).,


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Hit a wing mirror - belucky22

It's extremely unlikely that there will be any problem. Also, as previous post explained, you behaved correctly. You couldn't see any damage. No reason to think the other driver was as calculating to take down your number plate for later use. She appeared pleasant and reasonable, most people are. Forget about it and carry on being a careful and conscientious driver. These things can, and do, happen.

Hit a wing mirror - MSI328
Our conversation literally was like this
Me "I'm so sorry for hitting your mirror"
Her "it's fine you got lucky as there isn't any damage"
Me "sorry once again"
Her "ok drive safely"
Hit a wing mirror - belucky22

Sounds like you've been fortunate with a decent human being. I would find nothing to be worried about. Not saying I'm special but a harrassed young mum reversed her 4x4 into my Saab in a car park. There was no damage, no problem. Reviewing your incident, would it have helped if you had been going a little more slowly ? You had lowered your speed but would even lower have been better ? I don't know I wasn't there. The incident has obviously bothered you - which is a good sign. See if you can benefit from the experience.


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