Intermittant ignition problem - Mazza
SWMBO is having trouble with her Rover 214SI (P - 1997)

This week it has begun refusing to start regularly (with no turn over sounds at all).

It does start eventually (so far) but can take half a dozen attempts or so. Once the ignition turns over (i.e. makes any sound at all) it always starts.

She has noticed a lot of damp/condensation on the car (due to the weather) when she has been having the problem.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions for fix? (Damp in ignition module/Electrics?)

Many thanks.
Intermittant ignition problem - Mazza
Sorry, forgot to mention that all other electrics (fan/radio/sunroof) seem to work OK even when car is not starting.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Intermittant ignition problem - RichardW
It's probably the starter motor brushes / solenoid. Next time it does it, get out and clout the starter motor with the wheel brace (or a wooden hammer handle if you have one handy!). If it now starts then there's your problem. Check the security of all the connections to the battery and starter motor as well. Some cars (don't know about this one) have a starter relay - this may also be playing up causing no current to the starter. You'll need someone who knows, or a wiring diagram to find out, and find out wher it is located.



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